Moscow. 1 or 2 days in Russian family to experience regular Russian life

Langue English, Russian
Coût 200 USD pour l'excursion
Nombre de personnes: Groupe jusqu’à 10 personnes
Durée 2 jours

Visiting of Russian family is a chance for travellers from all over the world to understand Russian mentality and to experience Russian traditions and Russian regular life “from inside”.

This day we will meet you at the lobby of your hotel in Moscow and will go to the small city Obninsk to “Russian Dacha” – country house where my parents live. During this tour we can discuss everything that you want to ask about Russians, for example, why Russians don’t smile or who is a typical Russian man / woman and many other, even most weird things :-)

Also during this time we will cook and taste national Russian food by using traditional receipes. Then we will have an entertaining program with different activities & excursions that you can choose upon your preferences: excursion to Maloyaroslavets – small city of Russian Military Glory during the War of 1812 year with Napoleon Bonaparte, Ethnical World – park with collection of traditional houses, crafts and other things from different cultures of the world, we can go to banya - traditional Russian sauna (this one is optional, around 60$ per group) or just have fun like ice-skating, snowball fighting, making a snowman, mushroom collecting or fishing, or we can have some easy work in the garden like collecting vegetables, fruits and berries, watering plants, feeding chickens and collecting eggs, etc. You are free to decide how to spend this day like a Russian :-)

In the evening you are free to decide whether you go back to Moscow by train / bus or taxi (taxi will cost around 50$) or you can stay with us for the night till the evening of second day as our friends and to do some activities that we didn't have enough time to do in first day.


- Kids from 0 to 6 y.o. join for free, from 7 to 18 y.o. - 100$

- All transport during the tour except taxi for back way

- All food

- All excursions & entertainments except of banya

- Accomodation in private room in our house


- If you want to experience banya (traditional Russian sauna) it will cost 60$ extra per group

- If you want to go back to Moscow by taxi, it will cost 50$ extra


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