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Ghana is a country with a very rich history. There is a lot of diversity in this country. There is a vintage look to it. This country is vibrant and full of scenic beauty and it will surely give you the peace that you are in search for.

We are going to bring to you a tour that will let you have an insight to this place. You ware sure to have a very calm and soothing experience in this country.

Tour Highlights

This is a safari that lets you see the magnificent beaches of the Cape Coast.

In this tour, you will see a unique landscape covered with thatched huts and a varied network of pathways leading to the lake.

Detailed Tour Itinerary

We visit Cape Coast City, a city full of great places to visit and hangout in, a place known for its very best cuisines and the best markets in Ghana.

This also has some of the very best beaches in Ghana. In this trip to Cape Coast, we plan a visit to the beaches and take a look at what this place has in store for us.

On the first day, we will leave Accra and head off to Abanze, a rural village in Ghana. We will arrive there at about noon. We will stop here for a while and visit the Fort Amsterdam. After this we will head off to our beach resort for lunch. You will be accommodated in your rooms and will relax for the evening at the beach.

On the second day, we will visit Cape Coast Castle. This castle has a very unique history. This castle was originally built for trading purposes until it was converted into a slave castle by European traders. This castle was later rebuilt by the British in the 18th century. This site was also rebuilt again in the 20th century by the Ghanaian government. This is also known as Castle and Dungeon.

Also, in the castle's end which faces the Atlantic Ocean is the Gate of no return. This is the last stop of the castle. Next we move on to Fort Victoria, which is located on a hill top. This was built in 1792, as one of the three forts that were made for the protection of the castle. This fort is a free-access fort. You can hike to the top, if you like to.

On the third day, we will head off to visit the Elmina castle. Elmina is a beautiful town situated on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean in Ghana. This town is about 700 years old and has a rich cultural heritage. We offer you a guided walking tour in this town, which is surely going to be one of the best experiences of your life.

This castle was erected by the Portuguese in 1482. Slowly and gradually, this castle started to wear off due to natural reasons and the Ghana Government took the task of its renovation in 1990s. Renovation is still under process. You can anyways enter the castle and have a look at the Portuguese architecture techniques and civil engineering.

Next stop is Elmina Lagoon which is often regarded as the heartbeat of the town. Elmina, in its traditional language means "countless supply of water". When you visit the lagoon and watch the people doing different activities, it is surely going to take a grip on you. This place is one of the most happening places in Elmina.

Next we visit Fort St Jago, also known as Fort Coenraadsburg. This was a fort built for protection of Fort Elminna by the Dutch. This fort offers a spectacular view of the coast and the lagoons.

What's Included:

Transportation from Accra

Accommodation could be from simple to mid range beach front resort

Activities mentioned in itinerary

Meals Breakfast and Dinner

Cash needed during the trip:


Where and when:

Meet up location would be Communicated over the Bookings.


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