Northern Circuit Route – 9 days Trek

Langue English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish
Prix 2000 USD pour l'excursion
Nombre de personnes: Tout nombre de personnes
Durée 1 semaine 2 jours

Day 1

After you’re transported from the Kilimanjaro International Airport to your hotel, we’ll gather in the evening for a quick equipment check and briefing before your adventure begins! Relax and prepare for your unforgettable adventure in the comfort of your hotel lodge.

Day 2

(2-3 hours walking)

After completing the required registration procedures at the gate of the Londorossi National Park, we drive through open countryside terrain to reach the Lemosho road head, where we stop for lunch before beginning our trek. After an easy walk through the scenic rainforest, we will camp for the night at the Lemosho Big Tree Camp at 8,700 ft. altitude.

Day 3kilimanjaro climb

(6-7 hours walking)

After a delicious breakfast we’ll pack up and head up a steady wilderness trail to the moorland zone of giant heather to reach the rim of the Shira Plateau. We’ll camp for the night in the center of the plateau Shira One at 11,000 ft. altitude.

Day 4

(5-7 hours walking)

While hiking at a steady pace to ensure proper adjustment to the high altitudes, we’ll ascend to the summit of the Shira Cathedral and then continue on to the Shira Hut camp – located at 12,600 ft. altitude.

Day 5

(5-7 hours walking)

The next morning after breakfast we’ll continue hiking up the trail to Lava Tower – which is a great acclimatization hike – and an optional hike up to the ruined hut at Arrow Glacier will help those who are feeling strong enough to continue acclimatizing. We’ll then continue ascending to the Moir Hut camp – located at 13,800 ft. altitude, where we’ll spend the night.

Day 6

(4-7 hours walking)

We’ll continue ascending out of Moir Valley and hike up to the peak of Little Lent hill – located at 15,400 ft. altitude. We’ll then proceed up the eastern Northern Circuit route, passing through rocky terrain to finally arrive at Buffalo Camp – located at 13,600 ft. altitude.

Day 7

(5-7 hours walking)

We’ll climb to the summit of Buffalo Ridge and descend slightly on the other side to arrive at Pofu Camp where we’ll enjoy lunch. We’ll then continue eastwards up to the Third Cave Camp – situated at 12,800 ft. altitude.

Day 8

(4-5 hours walking)

While hiking at a steady pace to ensure proper adjustment to the high altitudes, we’ll arrive at The Saddle – which is a large valley that rests between Mount Kibo and Mount Mawenzi. After lunch, we’ll continue ascending until we arrive at the School Hut camp – located at 13,800 ft. altitude. We’ll turn in early for the night to rest and recuperate before the final arduous day of hiking that is to follow.

Day 9

(11-15 hours walking)

Our ascent to the peak will begin at 1 am in order to reach the Crater rim by sunrise. Using torches to light our way, we’ll begin the steep, steady hike across loose volcanic gravel up to Gilman’s Point – located at 18,700 ft. altitude. After enjoying the spectacular panoramic sunrise views for a short rest interval, we’ll continue along the crater rim to Uhuru Peak – located at 19,345 ft. altitude. We will be standing on the peak of the highest freestanding mountain in the world!

The ensuing descent is a welcomed reprieve, and after we enjoy lunch at camp Barafu we’ll continue descending to arrive at the Mweka Hut where we’ll rest for the night at 14,800 ft. altitude.

Day 10

(4-6 hours walking)

This easy downhill trek will take us through lush rainforest terrain inhabited with beautiful vegetation and botanical growth. The trail leads us down to Mweka’s National Park’s gate at 5,400 ft. altitude where we will continue through banana trees and coffee bean farms to the Mweka village where we will board a vehicle that will take us to the lodge to relax and unwind!


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