Shirkent national park

Langue English, Russian, Tajik
Coût 70 USD pour l'excursion
Nombre de personnes: Groupe jusqu’à 5 personnes
Durée 10 heures

This trip for people who are visiting Dushanbe on business and have only a little time or who are working and have just 2 days off.

The tour is changable and I am a flexible tour organiser and gude.

Treking in the Shirkent National Park which is located in Hissar valley you will be able to see and touch the footprints of dinosaurs, preserved for eternity in the rock.


Spectacular landscapes that you won’t see in other part of Tajikistan; Geological objects including three sites of dinosaur footprints from various eras, in total containing more than 400 footprints;Opportunity to interact with a lively group of people, all interested in exploring the great outdoors.

You will need to wear suitable footwear. A full day for the trip. Sunscreen and a hat are recommended.

Meeting point: Your hotel

Endpoint: Your hotel

Available dates: Every day

Meeting & Check-in time: 07:30

Boarding time: 07:55

Departure time: 08:00

End time: 18:00 -19:00


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