Mikawachi kiln area walking tour in Sasebo city, Nagasaki Prefecture

Langue English, Japanese
Coût 280 USD pour l'excursion
Nombre de personnes: Groupe jusqu’à 10 personnes
Durée 6 heures

Mikawachi is a kiln area with some 400 years of history and one of the oldest center of porcelain production along with Arita and Hasami. Mikawachi-ware was called Hirado-ware, meaning the pottery from the fuedal domain of Hirado. We will meet at Mikawachi station and start the tour from Mikawachi-ware Traditional Industry Hall and Sasebo Museum of the History of the Vessel to learn about the history and Main Features of Mikawachi-ware. And then we will take a taxi to Mikawachi kiln area to start the walking tour. Here is in the mountain surrounded by hills to keep the secret of the advanced techniques, such as openwork carving, hand-forming, hand-crafted chrysanthemums, relief work, and eggshell porcelain. Shall we visit the gallery first and walk along the old street looking the tombai wall, made of recycled brick from the old kiln and visit the galleries and shops of each kiln. we will take a taxi to go back to station and finish the tour. I love and cherish Mikawachi-ware handed down from my parents.


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