Louis Fon Che est guide touristique privé local ici: Cameroun


I am passionate about wildlife and I am also committed to protected our endangered wildlife species in Cameroon

October 1998-june 2001 WWF – South East Forest Project- Project cook and tour guide Lobeke N.P and other duties that were assigned to me by my immediate supervisors

March 1999 - WWF – Jengi

South East Forest Project Coordinator of the preparation toward the reception of the Duke Edinburgh Prince Philip his court and top Government officials.

Field Assistant , guide/ Fixer on wildlife documentaries and others in Cameroon to foreign medias across the world. 2001 to 2016

I participated in international round table conference on eco-tourism and great-apes in the US Embassy Yaounde.

Presently Ecotourist Guide/Fixer and Wildlife Crimes Investigator with the Last Great-Ape Org,( LAGA) Yaounde


Day (1) Arrival in Yaounde and pickup at the airport to hotel meumi palace.

Diner and overnight in hotel Meumi Palace

Day(2)Breakfast in hotel meumi palace.

Drive from yaounde to Bertoua town 345km driving through the towns of Awae,

Ayos, Abong-Mbang then lunch in Bertoua. Attractions, Beautiful landscape.

After lunch drive 300km to Yokadouma through the towns of Batouri, Ndelele, Gari

Gombo and then Yokadouma. Attractions local villages with local markets etc.

Dinner and overnight in hotel elephant inYokadouma

Day(3)Breakfast in the elephant hotel.

Drive to Mambele village 165km. Mambele is Lobeke Park headquarters.

Attractions; Baka pygmy huts, Bantu villages , coffee and cocoa plantations,

Organically grown fruits, baananas, avocados, pinaples etc.

Lunch in Mambele village.

Afternoon display of the Baka Pygmy famous bouma or Jengi dance .

Diner and overnight in Kombo Camp in Mambele village.

This famous Kombo played host to the Duke of Edinburgh Prince Philip and his court

In 1999

Dayc4)Breakfast in Mambele village.

Drive to the car-drop-off-point into Lobeke National Park 45km.

Hike under the forest canopy to the watchtower 6 km about 2hours.

Attractions;Big trees, fungus,butterflies, sounds of cicadas and other insects,monkeys

foraging expecially the black and white colobus monkeys.

Sandwich lunch in the watchtower and afternoon wildlife sighting from the watch-

tower gorillas, Sitatungas and other wildlife species

Diner and overnight in the watchtower.

Day(5)Breakfast in the waatchtower.

Morning wildlife sighting from the watchtower and a short forest walk, conspicuous

Forest birds species like the palm nut vulture,hadada ibis,glossy ibis,African grey

Parrots, flocks of green pigeons etc

Lunch back in the watchtower.

Afternoon wildlife sighting from the watchtower gorillas, Sitatungas antelopes etc

Diner and overnight in the watchtower.

Day(6)Breakfast in the watchtower the first watchtower and hike under the forest canopy

10 Km to the second watchtower. Attractions many species of monkeys foraging

Especially the black and colobus monkeys, white nose monkeys etc.

Lunch in the watchtower and wildlife sighting from the watchtower, forest

Buffaloes, giant forest hogs, Sitatungas antelopes and different wildlife species.

Dinner and overnight in the watchtower.


Day(7)Early morning breakfast and hike back to the first watchtower for wildlife sighting.

Lunch in the watchtower.

Afternoon a short forest walk with the Baka Pygmies for medicinal plants introduction.

You will discover that the forest is also a very big pharmacy for Baka Pygmies and the

Bantu tribe. These two tribes depend on the forest for medicinal, building materials ,

Instruments for the ritual dances and different cultural dances

Dinner and overnight in the first watchtower.

Day(8)Early morning breakfast and hike 6km to the car-drop-off-point drive to Mambele and

then to Yokadouma town

Dinner and overnight in hotel elephant.

Day(9) Early morning breakfast in Yokadouma and drive back to Yaounde.


The following is include in the rate.

4wd cars with driver(s) and fuel roundtrip

Airport pickup

Dinner in the hotel first night and breakfast in the morning b4 departure


Local guide


Profesional guide from Yaounde


Park entrance fees

Mineral water

The rate does not include the following.




And any airport extra charges


Henk Hoefsloot

WWF SE Forest Project

Dr Leonard Usongo

WWF Jengi Project Coordinator Yokadouma

Mr. Mathias Heinze

GFA Consulting Group Gmbh

Conseiller Technique principal

Projet Dzanga-Sangha


Mr. Werner Schroeder

African programme coordinator

Mike Clark

Explore diving Mexico


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