Юлия Koval est un guide-conférencier privé local en Russie

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Hello friends!

My name is Julia and I'm originally from Siberia. I moved in Moscow 10 years ago and immediately felled in love with this city! Once you will come in Russia you will never forget it. People are warm and helpful, the weather is really outstanding, lots of history, facts, food and fun!

I work as a guide 4 years and can't stop read books and spent time in library. It is my passion. I would really like to share with you all I know and to show you all the amazing places, walk as much as we can and see/feel/enjoy the beauty around us;)

If you want to know a bit more about me, so i am glad to share it with you. I love reading, dogs, winter, autumn, rock and jazz music, traveling and tasty food)

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Nathalie Barbeau
20 JUI 2019
Julia Koval is an outstanding guide!

As the leader of our group, Julia impressed me from the moment we met. She immediately listened and adapted the visit plan to my specific preferences and to the diverse and challenging needs of our group — adults of all ages and a child.

From that moment on, she expertly led us through the extra crowded metro system to visit all requested sites in an optimal order, using her impeccable organizational and logistical skills.

Her expertise allowed us to optimize our day, intelligently whizzing through this maze to multiple sites spread out all over this large city.

I have dealt with multiple guides worldwide and Julia definitely stands out. She masters 5 essential skills that make our time with her memorable:
1- A true Passion for her city, its history, and its contemporary aspects,
2- A deep Dedication to satisfying her customers, caring for them with warmth and attention,
3- An impressive Capability to Adapt to the personalities, age, and field of interests of her customers,
4- A great Historical Knowledge paired with an astute capability to discuss today’s affairs in all subjects,
5- An excellent set of organizational and soft leadership skills that guarantee a top guidance service.

We adored her!
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