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I'm Alexander.

I was born and raised in Moscow, in this beautiful city.

I am Moscovich in the fourth generation and I know Moscow not only from textbooks.

For a long time I worked in international business, more than 5 years I worked in Latin America.

I speak English and Spanish.

I traveled a lot around the countries, received and worked with many foreign delegations.

Therefore, I know the wishes and requests of foreign tourists, especially for the first time coming to our country. Where you have to face not only the diversity of climatic conditions, but also the language barrier.

More than 5 years I work as a guide in Moscow and Moscow region.

More precisely - this is not a job, but my hobby, because the main goal is to please our guests, as much as possible to satisfy their interest in our city, country.

All tours that I offer are individual, i.e. are planned specifically according to your wishes.

Of course, it can be the main attractions, such as the Moscow Kremlin, Red square, St. Basil's Cathedral, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, the Bolshoi theater, Novodevichy monastery, Stalin's skyscrapers, a specific area on the Sparrow hills, etc.

And it could be special excursions to metro stations, Moscow parks (Tsaritsyno, Kolomenskoye, VDNH, etc.), tank and aviation museums. We can shoot in a shooting gallery, for example, from a Kalashnikov rifle, visit Moscow synagogues or circuses.

The variety is very wide, the choice is yours.

During the excursions we can discuss various topics, not only the history and culture of the city, the country. Let's discuss everything you are interested in.

For your maximum convenience and comfort, as well as to save time, we will choose together with you the best route, including a combination of walking tours, trips by car and metro.

Please send your requests in advance.

This will allow you to coordinate the program and duration of the tour in a timely manner.

The cost of the tour by car 1500 rubles / hour (3 pers maximum).

For more pers the price should be agreed additionally.

I look forward to your questions and requests.


Me llamo Alexander.

Nací y crecí en Moscú, en esta hermosa ciudad.

Soy moscovita en la cuarta generación y conozco a Moscú no solo por los libros de texto.

Durante mucho tiempo he trabajado en el negocio internacional, más de 5 años he trabajado en América Latina.

Hablo Inglés y español.

He viajado mucho por países, he acogido y trabajado con delegaciones extranjeras.

Por eso conozco los deseos y las interpelaciones de los turistas extranjeros, especialmente por primera vez que llegan a nuestro país. Donde tienes que enfrentar no sólo la diversidad de las condiciones climáticas, sino también la barrera del idioma.

Más de 5 años trabajo como guía en Moscú y la región de Moscú.

Para ser más preciso, esto no es un trabajo, sino mi hobby, porque el objetivo principal de ofrecer placer a nuestros huéspedes, satisfaciendo al máximo su interés en nuestra ciudad, país.

Todas las excursiones que ofrezco son individuales, es decir, planificadas específicamente según sus deseos.

Por supuesto, estos pueden ser los principales lugares de interés, tales como: el Kremlin de Moscú, la Plaza Roja, la catedral de San Basilio, el templo de Cristo Salvador, el teatro Bolshoi, el monasterio de Novodevichy, los rascacielos de Stalin, el Mirador en las montañas de gorrión, etc.

Y puede ser excursiones especiales por las estaciones del metro, los parques de Moscú (Tsaritsyno, Kolomenskoye, VDNH, etc.)., museos de tanques y aviacion. Podemos disparar en el tablero, por ejemplo, desde la máquina Kalashnikov, visitar las sinagogas de Moscú o los circos.

La variedad es muy amplia, la elección es suya.

Durante las excursiones podemos discutir los diversos temas, no sólo la historia y la cultura de la ciudad, el país. Todo lo que le interesa, vamos a discutir.

Para su máxima comodidad, así como para ahorrar tiempo, elegiremos con usted la mejor ruta que incluye una combinación de excursiones a pie, viajes en coche y metro.

Por favor dirija sus peticiones con anticipación.

Esto me permitirá acordar oportunamente con usted el programa y la Duración del recorrido.

El costo de la gira en el coche 1500 rublos./hora (3 personas máximo).

Para más personas el precio debe ser acordado adicionalmente.

Espero sus preguntas y solicitudes.

Langues English, Spanish
Devises Dollar américain (USD), Euro (EUR), Rouble russe (RUB)

Excursions (14)

Commentaires (5)

Marcus Vieira
23 MAR 2019
This guy Aleksander is a very responsible and reliable guide. You can trust him. Besides honest he arrives on time. I havebused his service lots of time. Things ran so smoothly. To all turists in Moscow I strongly recommend this guy.
Oskar Kovas
29 MAR 2019
I took a one day tour in Moscow, I was greet by Alexander at the airport. What a great person he is; and how knowledgeable about Russia. I learn a lot about Moscow, and a great tour. Knowing that he speak fluent Spanish, make my tour more enjoyable and easier to communicate and understand. I appreciate his patience, dedication and hoping to come back soon again to see others parts of Russia. I really recommend this great guy. : )
Priyanka Chakraborty
01 AVR 2019
We took a half day tour of Moscow with Alexander. He is a very knowledgeable person and filled us with historical and fun facts from time to time, he is a very cheerful person and we had a great time touring the city with him.
Labdhi Shah
07 MAI 2019
We took the Moscow day tour with Alexander and it was perfect. He is very passionate about showing the city. Was on time and goes extra mile to make sure you have a wonderful experience. We had very good day with him. And me and my father would definitely recommend him. He is very trustworthy and reliable tour guide.
15 JUI 2019
One of the best guides i have met. It seems that he knows how to do his job in the best way. Excellent service accompanied with a very gentle behaviour and attitude.
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