Aurora Borealis: Northern Lights hunting in Murmansk & Teriberka

Sprache English, Russian
Preis 600 USD für die exkursion
Anzahl der Teilnehmer Jegliche Personenanzahl
Dauer 3 Tage

Day 1. Murmansk is a heroic city of WWII and biggest in the world city in the Arctic Circle

- We meet you at the airport, railway station or near your hotel.

- What do you know about most friendly dogs in the world? We will visit Husky Park and learn about history of breed, specific of their character and dog sledding craft. After that you will have opportunity to try yourself as musher and drive real dog sleigh!

- Exploring Murmansk is not complete without learning its Arctic history. “Lenin” was the first in the world Nuclear Powered Ice-Breaker with no analogs. This miracle of Soviet engineering became a breakthrough in the field of Artic exploring.

- Murmansk still remembers pain and sorrow after the Arctic battles during WWII. We will visit Alyosha – a very symbolic monument to Soviet defenders of Arctic in World War II and admire panoramic view of Murmansk and Kola Bay.

- After that we will have a dinner at nice restaurant of Northern cuisine and leave the city for Polar Lights hunting.

Day 2. Visit Sami village in Murmansk and moving to Teriberka at the shore of Arctic Ocean

- The proud of Murmansk is Northern Marine Fleet which played a great role during WWII battles for Arctic. We will visit Northern Fleet museum and learn its history from beginning till our days.

- Do you know about Sami people, indigenous population of Kola Peninsula? Today we will visit Sami village and you will learn about their culture and traditions and spend an awesome time with funny reindeer!

- After that we are driving to Teriberka to spend the night there. Teriberka is a small village on the shore of Barents Sea and Arctic Ocean! Teriberka became very famous place after the movie “Leviathan”. In summer it is the best place for fishing and mushrooms hunting, and in winter – it is the best place for admiring Northern Lights. Just imagine yourself at the shore of Arctic Ocean when there is nothing in front of you but clean sky with billions of stars and beautiful fires of Aurora borealis!

Day 3. Day in Teriberka to admire northern nature and views of Barens Sea & Artctic Ocean

- Today we will stay in Teriberka to walk around the village. It looks very abandoned, but too atmospheric, and I’m sure you will not see anything like this in your hometown. We will see old ships on the shore and, if possible, beautiful waterfall and fortifications from World War II time.

- In the evening we will go back to Murmansk for farewell dinner and chatting till the late night! I’m sure that after this adventure we will have a lot to say and to remember in peaceful atmosphere :-)

Day 4. Farewell hugs!

- Today we are leaving back home. However, the small part of Russian North and memories about miracle of Polar Lights will stay in our hearts forever after this adventure. Just be prepared for long goodbyes, laughing, tears and promices that all of us will meet each other again in Russia, in your country or somewhere far at the other side of the world!


- Group airport / railway station transfers

- Transport on tour

- 3* Hotel accommodation in Teriberka for 1 night

- Food: breakfast in Teriberka

- Entry fees to attractions and sightseeings

- Dog sledding

- Walking around Teriberka

- Daily Northern Lights hunting

- English / Russian speaking guides.


- Airfare: Your city – Murmansk – Your city

- Accomodation in Murmansk for 2 nights

- Interpreter to another language (if not Russian/English). If your group needs for translation in your language, please, mention about it when booking

- Travel medical insurance (if necessary)

- Visa fees

- Food and alcohol (approximately 20$ per day, 30$ with alcohol)

- Souvenirs, tips and other personal expenses

- Snowboarding / skiing

- Reindeer sledding

- Additional experiences and activities that are not included in program

- Individual transfers during free time

- Additional payment for single accomodation: $50 / €45


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