Golden ring tour (4 days 3 nights)

Sprache English
Kosten 1300 USD für die exkursion
Anzahl der Teilnehmer Gruppe bis zu 5 Personen
Dauer 4 Tage

We will take a four-day tour of the most ancient Russian cities in my private car. These are cities that have preserved the true Russian culture, history and traditions.

1 day

First town to visit is Vladimir. It is a very old Russian. Vladimir city tour consists of sightseeing of such place as Golden Gate - the symbol of the city. During city tour you'll also visit the Dmitrievsky Cathedral and the Uspensky Cathedral. They were founded in th 12th century and resisted Tatar- Mongol invasion. Inside of it you'll see the walls covered with frescoes of great Russian icon-painters.

After lunch, tour in Sudzal. Suzdal is known as a city-museum, the reserve of old architecture. This illusion comes from concentration of monuments - on the territory of 2 square kilometers there are nearly 70 monuments. Suzdal is one of the few cities in Russia which don't have any industry and railroad. It's a very calm and tranquil city. Suzdal city tour includes visits to the functioning cathedrals and monasteries: Alexandrovsky and Vasilievsky frieries, Pokrovsky and Rizopolozhensky nunnaries, the Cathedral of Kazan's Icon of Theotokos and the complex of Archangel-Michael buildings. You'll also visit Suzdal's white-stoned Kremlin. Here you'll feel an atmosphere of medieval prince residence. Here you'll also find the unique building of the Nativity of the Theotokos Cathedral, built in the 11th century.

check in in hotel of Suzdal

2 day

Tour in Ples city (its a center of a local tourism in Russia). Very beautiful russian city, mix of russian culture and nature (hills, forest, Volga river, and russian countryside city).

After lunch, tour in Kostroma. Old Kostroma is situated on the hill-covered bank of the Volga river. Kostroma had kept its historical center till present times. During Kostroma city tour you'll follow old streets of the city, will watch old buildings, white-stoned churches, old shopping arcades. After you'll visit the legendary Ipatiev Monastery dated from the 14th century, situated on the strelka between the Volga river and the Kostroma river. Here was held the rites of election to the throne of the first Romanov dynasty's Tsar. You'll be pleased with splendid view of the monastery with its cogged stone walls, towers and golden domes. Also you'll see the Troitsky Cathedral, Boyars Godunov's burial place, the Chambers of Romanov Boyars and exterior of monastery's belltower.

check in in hotel of Kostroma.

3 day

Travel to Yaroslavl is a magnificent city situated on a high bank of the Volga river, it is rich with cultural and architectural monuments of Russian history. Yaroslavl is one of the cities of Russian Golden Ring. During Yaroslavl city tour you will visit Transfiguration monastery. This is main sight of the city. The monastery was built in the 12th century for defence purpose. Central building of the monastery is the Transfiguration cathedral. It became a burial place not only for rulers but also for rich citizens of the city. Also we will visit very old and beautiful Togda monastery, which is near by to Yaroslavl.

check in in hotel of Yaroslavl

4 day (way to Moscow)

Drive to Rostov Velikiy. This is an ancient Russian town located on the 'Nero' lake. The history of this place started 4 thousand years BC, when the first tribes stayed next to the lake. Until the 11th century the territory of Rostov was inhabited by the Finn-Ugors 'Meryans' people, and the city of Rostov was founded by them (it is known since the 9th century). Slowly they assimilated with the Slavs, who came from the south. Now it is a small town (32 thousand inhabitants), old buildings, the Kremlin, and authentic Russian architecture.

After lunch, excurtion in Troice Sergieva Lavra in Sergiev-posad. It a saint place for all russian people because it is the motherlandand burial place of the most respected Russian Saint- Sergy Radonezhsky. Apart from this monastery we will visit with you the nearest sightseeings, like holy springs ofSergy Radonezhsky (15rm fromSergiev-posad) and underground caves of monks from Chernigovskiy monastery

back to Moscow.

This is a price which is include- my service like guide, driver, assistant + tickets+car+petrol + food and hotel for me.

You book your hotel yourself, I can advice where is better to stay.


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