Tianjin Cruise Ship Port to Beijing one day private tour

Sprache English
Preis 80,00 USD für die exkursion
Anzahl der Teilnehmer Gruppe bis zu 10 Personen
Dauer 4 Stunden

Highlights: Tiananmen Square + the Forbidden City

Tianjin Cruise Ship Port pick-up & dropoff & a private tour to Beijing

Tour description:

Tianjin Cruise Ship Port is 180km(112miles) from Beijign city center, Tiananmen Square. You can take a one day tour to Beijing and return to Tianjin Cruise Ship Port by private car. Private car is the most efficient and convenient transportation method. The single trip to Beijing takes 2 and a half hours. You will get to the city center around 11:00 if you can leave the cruise ship Port before 9:00. You can you make a tour of 4 hours to see the capital of China. The driver will pick me up on the way and start the visit. We will drive by the former gate of the outer city, the busiest and largest traditional commercial area, Qianmen Street area, the former main gate of the inner city, Qianmen, and then start to visit the Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City. it takes 3 hours min. then get in the car and drive through the traditional living area for indeginous people, Hutong area around shichahai and the Bell and Drum Tower. then drive along Changan Avenue and Central Business District. We will say farewell near the highway to Tianjin before the driver get you back to the Cruise Ship Port.

the itineary is as below

8:30 --- 9:00 The driver will pick you up at Tianjin Cruise Ship Port.

9:00 ---- 11:30 leave to Beijing city center, Tiananmen Square along the city central axis, drive by the former entrance of outer city, and Qianmen Street area.

11:30 -----14:30 walk through Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City (distance: 3km, 3 hours)

14:50 ---- 17:30 head back to Tianjin Cruise Ship Port. drive through Hutong area around Shichahai and the Bell and drum Tower, the old Beijing. Changan Street, Central Business District. We will say farewell near the highway to Tianjin. Then the driver will drive you back to the cruise ship port.

(what time do you have to get back? the tour can be customized to you based on your schedule. )

Price: 80 USD

Inclusion: guide service for 4 hours only (11:00 --- 15:00)

If you need me to pick you up at Tianjin Cruise Ship Port, you need pay 110USD extra for my service for the whole trip and allowance. (I need stay in Tanggu the night before the tour day to make port pickup successful and convenient the next day. )


Entrance tickets of the Forbidden City: 60CNY/person

No charge for my tickets

Lunch: we will grab some food on the way. You pay for the food by yourselves.

Private car service charge:

1---3 pax: use a 5-seater car price: 2000CNY

3---5 pax: use a 7-seater car, Buick GL8 price: 2500CNY

Price includs fuel, toll, parking fee and driver service.

Payment methods:

1. My service charge private car service charge can be paid to me when the tour is over.

2. Entrance tickets will be paid on the tour.

The itinerary is flexible. You can change, adjust or skip any activity as you like within duration on the tour.

Deposit: not requested

Cancellation: You need inform me 3 days ahead of the first tour date so that I can arrange my time for other works.

How to book the tour and my service or inquire for more details? Email me.


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