Masoala | Nosy mangabe Tours

Sprache English, French
Preis 500 USD für die exkursion
Anzahl der Teilnehmer Gruppe bis zu 5 Personen
Dauer 6 Tage

Masoala|Nosymangabe 5days safari

Day 1: You are Most welcome to Madagascar


I will meet you at the airport of Ivato after your formality transfer to your Hotel in Tana Overnight at Lavallette .

Days 2: Tana – Maroantsetra- Masoala

After your breakfast transfer to the airport for the flight to Maroantsetra with Confortable Car , Arrival in Maroantsetra after picking your Bags Transfer to the Harbored without wasting time for the Boat transfer to Masoala National Park Arrival in Masoala, our teams will welcome you with coconut jus on your arrival before geting your room, then getting ready to explore Masoala Nationa prk, searching for Lemurs

IMG_04 (81) Eastern Wooly Lemur (Avahi Laniger).JPG

And Chameleons in Masoala before your lunch,After lunch , we have an options for Snorkeling in the Marin park to see the fishes and reefs, if we are lucky will meet the sea torttles


After breakfast we explore the primary rain forest of Masoala with giant tree over 400 years old, and enjoying lovely birds sounds , over 9o species can be spoted in Masoala, And lemurs , Jumping around from tree to trees, like the endemic Red ruffed lemurs,

IMG_05 (148) - Red Ruffed Lemur.JPGgiant millipedes are can be well spotted a Crosse the path in the jungle , and having some water break or biscuits break ,and listening the 100 different sounds of the natures at the same times in the jungle, then walk slow back to the lodge for lunch , in the afternoon we will relax on the nice beach then make some revision for the things we observed from the morning walk, befor the dark, then in evening we can do some night wallk to see the lemurs active in the night, such Brown mouse lemurs, Sportive Lemurs, then back to the lodge for diner and night


Today we explore the 2 types of the forest in Masoala Secondary forest and primery forest searching for Birds like Crested Ibis ,Short leged ground roulers, Helmeted Vanga

IMG_05 (154) - Helmeted Vanga.JPGLeser bamboo lemurs, pigmy kingfisher, end enjoying green Forest and giant vine over 100 years in masoala park and river walk searching for amazing tiny Frogs, then back to the lodge


After breakfast Today we will explore the sea wildlife, walk down to Tampolo Marin park , for snorkeling in the marin park of Tampolo and searching for Star fish, parrot fish, Butterfly fishes, group of barracudas, and having sun bath on the paridise beach

Masoala Safary (3).JPGand jumping in watter again, for enjoying, sea life, before the picnic lunch on your owm paradise beach , before boat ride back to the lodge, we will have a quiet river trip by local canoe made of tree trunk, dug out, pedaling, up to the Tampolo river, among the mangroves , oserving rose wood tree, during the river trip ,and if we are lucky we will see the eastern Bamboo lemurs jumping around


After breakfast , sort boat transfer to Nosymangabe island,Arrival in Nosymangabe Short walk before lunch ,searching for king of camouflage [uroplatus Fumbriatus] Leaf tailed geckos, on the tree trunk , this is amazing Can you see the animal on the trunk now?? Dear reader can you see the gecko on the trunk now?? that the king of chamouflage on the left side the tree trunk on the photo ,come with us for wildlife.

IMG_04 (73) - Mossy Leaf-tailed Gecko.JPG

It is well camouflage, we will have nice competition for it, they are night active but if you search them well you can find many of them , sleeping on the tree trunk, then continue the walk enjoying Orchids flowers, nice beaches then walk back to the camp enjoying and photographing White fronted brown lemurs having sun bath around the camp site. Then stop for lunch.After lunch we go for walk searching for the second smallest Chameleons in the world called Brookessia Piererasia, they live on the ground

dsc9555-2.jpgAmong the dried leaf, so tiny, then continue the walk searching for Black and white ruffed Lemurs, and snakes like Boas, just remember we do not have dangerous snakes in Madagascar ok, no worries, then continue the hike searching for white fronted brown

IMG_05 (225) - White-faced Brown Lemur.JPGLemurs manthelas frogs , then walk back to the camp site boat transfer to Maroantsetra then transfer to the airport for your flight back tana for your next tour Overnightin Tana .Best regards Madagascar Safari Tour Guide| Local Tour Operator


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