Trek Madagascar - Masoala Trek Cap East

Sprache English, French
Preis 700 USD für die exkursion
Anzahl der Teilnehmer Gruppe bis zu 5 Personen
Dauer 1 Woche 4 Tage

The Best Hike Adventure in Masoala Madagscar Nationala Park Cap east

Day 1: Antalaha – Cap east

An early breakfast at your hotel and get ready for 4 hours drive to the easter Part of Madagascar on a bumpy road . stop for lunch at Ambodirafia after lunch Get ready for hike to the separate park Andranoanala {Cap East} for theNephanthes Masoalainsice witch is an Insectivorous plants or Tsiveravera is Local named in Malagasy here in Madagascar .Birds and Lemurs like White fronted brown lemurs and Eastern Bamboo lemurs can be well spotedIf we are lucky will meet thw bush pig in a day tour at cap east park. Then walk Walk back to the Campsite.

Days 2 : Cap east – Antanandavaely

After Breakfast , 5 hours river trip this day we ll have an opportunity to

observed the Crocodiles taking a sun bath on the riverside up the river

Overnight at Antanandavaely Camping on the riverside.

Days 3 : Antanandavaely – Befilipo Camp

After breakfast today . we start hiking through the secondary forest of Masoala Across The small village and rice field rivers cross , this part of the hike we will Have any Opportunity to learn the local culture and wildlife spotting Chameleons Birds,like Herons Wag tailed ,Madagascar King fishers are often watched on the Rivers cross .Overnight at Befilipo Camp.

Days 4 : Befilipo Camp – Tsararapaka

Today all of us including the teams porters are well trained for the hike ready For the hardest part of the hike through Bevontsira forest Observed the highest Waterfall in Masoala Madagascar National Park. Camping at Tsararapaka.

Days 5 : Tsararapaka – Ampokafo

Today we continue the trek through the primary rain forest of Masoala this part Of hike we will have great Opportunity to enjoy the virgin rain forest of Masoala With lemur’s Cry’s Birds Sounds , rivers run all hundreds frogs pitch make you Feel you are realy in the nature last forest in Madagascar. Camping at Ampokafo

Days 6 : Ampokafo – Ambatoledama

After breakfast easy walk down to Ambatoledama across few river and through the rice Field , this part of hike we will have an great opportunity to see the Coffee And Vanilla Plantation and especially we can learn how to pollinate the Vanilla flowers by fingers One by one to get Vanilla Pods as we do not have an insects to pollinated them as in Mexico so vanilla farmers are have to do it by their hands so we can do it as well. That will be lessons 4 Lunch at Ambatoledama camp. After lunch we will visit Masoala National park searching for Red ruffed lemurs and Brown mouse lemurs , Parsones chameleons . and helmeted vanga birds are can be well watched here in Ambatoledama as it is Masoala National park part. Then walk back to the campsite .for diner and night

Days 7 : Ambatoledama – Mahalevona

Today after breakfast we will visit again the masoala national park to see

More birds and lemurs . chameleons before we continue the trek to Mahalevona across The small villages and rivers with nice streams , natural pool We can swim in Picnic Lunch on the riverside. Then continue the trek overnight at Mahalevona Village in the Bungalow. And relax with cold bear or soft drink after 6 days being jungle man hikers. To refresh.

Days 8: Mahalevona – Farankaraina – Reserved

Today is gonna be easy morning walk across villages Anjahana then stop at Navana for nice beach and Water break then continue the trek to Farankaraina . Arrival in Farankaraina beach relaxing this afternoon We will explore the Farankaraina resrved Searching for Ring tailed Mangozed nd White fronted brown lemurs , Eastern Bamboo Lemurs Birds Like Blue coa and chameleons are can be well spoted here in the reserved Farankaraina . then walk back to the campsite for getting ready for night walk . At 6:30 PM get ready for the Aye-Aye expedition take your rain coat ,torch and flash light .walking shoose. Then go for night walk to observe the lemurs active in the night such us Aye-Aye . Brown mouse lemurs, Sportive lemurs . eastern bamboo lemurs . frogs and geckos , tenreks are can be seen here in the reserved as well then walk back to the camp site for the diner and Farankaraina Reserved.

Days 9 : Farankaraina – Maroantsetra – Manga beach

Today is the last adventure we have , 2 hours hike the 2 hours last river trip enjoying the rice field and water birds vast rice field. Then transfer to the hotel cocobeach from the hour board. Relax and overnight at Manga beach hotel.

Days 10 : Manga Beach – Nosymangabe – Cocobeach

After breakfast get ready for sort boat trip to the Islan . Nosy mangabe

Reserved to observed lemurs and birds and Geckos, Chameleons 25 minutes boat ride to The Island , upon arrival hiking shoes and insectS Repellents and sun cream on then go For walk searching for the second smallest Chameleon called Brokesia Piererasia, then Continue the hike to visit the toombe Of Betsimisaraka tribe this time we can learn more about Malagasy culture as Well during the island tour, after that we continue the Hike searching for Black And white ruffed lemurs , bird like paradise flycatcher can be watched in the Island as well then walk back to the camp site to observed the Green backed Manthela frog then take a picninc lunch in at the reserved Nosymangabe, After Lunch we do another hike searching for White fronted brown lemurs and the king of camouflage Leaf tailed Gecko and relax at golden sand beach at the Island then walk back on the beach to the camp site for the boat ride back to Cocobeach Hotel for diner and Night.

Days 11 : Maroantsetra – Tana

After your breakfast you will transfer to the airport for your flight back to Tana for your nex tour end of our services.

Best regards Madagascar Safari Tour Guide| Local Tour Operator


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