Cebu Oslob Island Hopping 10 Days

Sprache English, Italian, Spanish
Preis 1200 EUR für die exkursion
Anzahl der Teilnehmer Gruppe bis zu 10 Personen
Dauer 1 Woche 3 Tage

Cebu its the second largest city in The Philippines, well known as The Queen Of The Sud, for many people this is the most Beautiful place in The Philippines, there is a lot of beautiful island around with Christal water and white sand beaches.

• Visiting Cebu City The Queen Of Sud

• Swimming With Shark At Oslob

• Visiting And Sleeping At Kallaman Island

• Island Hopping And Fish BBQ

• Swimming With Shark At Malapascua Island

Day 1 : Cebu

Pick Up At Mactan International Airport Cebu, check inn to your hotel Red Planet Ibis Hotel style, free night in Cebu enjoy the nightlife along Mango Square in downtown Cebu or going to Marco Polo waterfront resort for mor classy night out 😊

Day 2: Oslob

Its already 8 o clock time to go 😊 our guide its pick up you for going to Oslob with private van, or car check inn in your resort change the clothing get ready for have some of fantastic swimming and snoorkelling.

Day 3 : Cebu

Wake up early get your breakfast and get ready for swimming with a real Whale Shark a friendly magnificent creature, you going to ride from your resort and the center, guide boat and snoorkelling included, after that be ready for going to cebu with a private van/car, check inn at your hotel and free for the rest of the day.

Day 4 : Bantayan Island

After breakfast, be ready to go in a short time direction Bantayan Island, you going ot ride s private van/car and then a boat going to Bantaayan Island, welcome at port from a local guide check inn at your hotel or resort

Day 5 : Bantaayan Island

Free day in Bantayan Island enjoy the crystal water at Santa Fe Beach, take sunshine in a white sand paradise, free day and night you going to love it.

Day 6 Malapascua Island

After your breakfast, you going to ride a private boat going to Malapascua just a few hour from Bantaayan Island, check inn to your hotel/resort and enjoy the rest of the day by relaxing and swimming in this tropical paradise.

Day 7 Kalangmaan Island

Wake up in a good time and lets going to visit one of the most beautiful place in the Philippines, Kalangmaan Island, one of the most breathtaking places to visit in the Philippines. It may be small but it didn’t fail to strike us with its beauty. Its clear waters and the ever so popular sandbar makes the island even more incredibly unique, eating in loco with BBQ coconuts water and fresh fruit, leave the real island adventure be ready to sleep in a tent.

Day 8 Malapascua Island

Drinking some coffee with a light breakfastm and be ready to beck at Malapascua Island, free day.

Day 9 Malapascua Island

Wake up at 5 swimming and dive with the Thresher Shark, wake vary early in the morning if you wish to see this unique creature, coffee and tea provide in the boat, you going to be picked up at your hotel from a local guide, after that beck to the hotel free for the rest of day.

Free day on the beach swimming relaxing and take a rest.

Day : 10 Cebu

Pick up from the local guide raiding the boat and private van/car going to Cebu check inn at hotel and free night.


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