Eger - the Baroque beauty of Hungary

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Kosten 450 EUR für die exkursion
Anzahl der Teilnehmer Gruppe bis zu 5 Personen
Dauer 8 Stunden

A full day trip by car and a professional driver to the northern Hungarian countryside,

to one of the most precious historic towns of Hungary,

and centre of the historic Eger wine region, with wine-tasting opportunity

Can you guess how ’the most impressive example of Prague Baroque’, the worldwide admired St Nicholas Church in Lesser Town Prague is closely related to a small town in the Hungarian countryside?

Have you ever seen a whole room furnished with Baroque furnishings all made of sugar, from floor to ceiling?

Would you like to see the world around you through the oldest camera obscura in Europe, still in use from the 1770s?

What about admiring an amazing Baroque library with its original, intact interior?

Have you ever heard of the northernmost Ottoman monument in Europe? And do you know why it is the only of its kind in the whole world?

Any idea what Heroes’ Square in Budapest and the second largest Basilica in Hungary have in common (St Stephen’s in Budapest comes third only)?

Ever wondered how bull’s blood tastes? It’s high time to try!

Just come along to Eger with me, and let me help you discover the above – and there is sooo much more!

Sitting on gentle slopes in a valley at the foot of the North Hungarian Mountains, with a lovely brook running across its Baroque historic centre crowned with its legendary castle, this gem offers everything to make it memorable to visitors:

over a thousand years of colourful history, eye-catching architecture set in an ancient religious centre, improving gastronomy and last but not at all least, its famous top-quality wines.

We start our day trip in the morning and in less than two hours (90 minutes or so, depending on the traffic) we arrive in Eger.

We spend the day walking around in the historic town, getting to know the main highlights but I will also gladly show you hidden treasures you would hardly find on your own.

We visit the magnificent Basilica, the cathedral of the Eger archdiocese, which was founded among the first ones more than 1000 years ago by our state-founder king St Stephen I. Today’s building is the second largest basilica in Hungary built in the 19th century in the classical style, a splendid exception among the Baroque palaces.

Opposite the Basilica we can admire the Líceum, the historic university building from the 18th century.

When in Eger, the uniquely spectacular Baroque style Archdiocese Library is definitely worth a visit! It is decorated with the enormous ceiling frescoes by Johann Lucas Kracker, the master of the monumental frescoes on the ceiling of St Nicholas church in Prague as well! The library boasts a rich collection, with some precious rarities.

We can also find some further amazing works of art by J.L. Kracker elsewhere in town, since he settled here for the last phase of his life.

The 18th century Baroque Observatory (now a museum) and the old camera obscura are also found here on the upper floors of the old university building (though there is no lift, so we need to climb many stairs).

The Panorama Terrace of the Líceum is the highest lookout point as per now from where a wonderful panorama opens up over Eger and its surroundings.

Strolling along the Baroque high street of the centre, we walk by the recently renovated Archbishop’s Palace from where soon we reach the emblematic main square, a very well-known and much loved sight to every Hungarian.

Dobó István square is dominated by the iconic castle and some old Baroque buildings in the background, the statue of the castle’s legendary commander Dobó István and also the church of the Conventual Franciscans or Minorites as we call them in Hungary. It counts among the most outstanding Baroque churches in Hungary and even in Central Europe. This is where St Nicholas Church of Lesser Town Prague comes to the picture again, this time with even dual relation!

In the festive season, from the end of November till 24 December this is where a charming Christmas market is held, with mulled wine naturally in special focus, being one of the oldest of the 22 historic wine regions in Hungary.

Crossing the bridge over the brook, we continue our walk on the small cobbled street, and we can soon reach the castle of Eger. It became the emblem of patriotism in 1552 by the heroic victorious siege made immortal by the great Hungarian story-teller Géza Gárdonyi in his novel titled ’Stars of Eger’ (the English title goes ’Eclipse of the Crescent Moon’). The book is a compulsory reading for pupils at elementary school.

The very few remnants of the 16-17th century Ottoman era can be seen in this quarter. Interestingly, the Minaret became another emblem of Eger besides the castle.

We can also take a walk on the promenade along the castle walls from where we can enjoy the panorama of the town.

The Kopcsik Marzipania is also located nearby, which never fails to amaze visitors, especially with the one and only Baroque room where everything is made of sugar, even the floor, the curtains and the chandelier.

We can’t miss taking a walk along the most impressive Baroque street of the town either, Kossuth Lajos street connecting the Basilica, the Líceum and the Castle, rich in Baroque buildings, palaces with amazing details.

Apart from its historic, religious and cultural importance, Eger is the centre of a most ancient historic wine region of Hungary. Its most famous wine is the deep burgundy coloured bull’s blood, but there are also many further great ones and excellent white wines, too!

For wine lovers wine-tasting is beyond recommended, either in town (this saves time to see more sights) or in the famous Szépasszony-völgy (Valley of the Beautiful Women), a valley known for its wine-cellars for nearly 250 years by now.

After saying goodbye to Eger in the afternoon, we get back to Budapest in the evening hours.

I must admit, I am beyond enthusiastic when it comes to this charming beauty of northern Hungary.

It has always had a very special place in my heart, to me it is like going home!

I was that fortunate to live in Eger for a few years while studying at its teacher’s training college (now university).

No wonder, it is always an honour to me whenever I can show friends or guests around in this little pearl of Hungary, and in the end they usually find themselves nearly as much in love as I am :-)

During this day trip we will get to know the beautiful town of Eger covering the following sights (just to mention the most obvious ones):

 Basilica of Eger

 Líceum (the 18th century building of the present university)

 the high street of the centre along with its Baroque buildings

 Archbishop’s Palace

 the picturesque Dobó István square with the Minorite Church

 the 16th century Minaret

 Castle Wall Panoramic Promenade

 Kossuth Lajos street with its Baroque palaces and a church (most of them are preserved architectural and also cultural heritage)


travel by private car and with a professional driver (a 6-seater car with A/C)

entrance to the Basilica of Eger

(under renovation at the moment, but it is open for visitors, the impressive main facade is done)

guiding service


entrance tickets (except for the Basilica), wine-tasting, meals and drinks, any personal expenses

ON REQUEST we can add:

 Líceum (the Baroque university building) entrance ticket

600 HUF/person (about 1,50€)

which is valid for:

a walk around inside the building + Panorama Terrace + the old Camera Obscura + a private collection on old optical instruments and optics related objects

 the above Líceum entrance ticket can be extended with entrance to the Museum of the 18th century Observatory and that will cost a total:

1900 HUF/person (about 5€), including everything mentioned above

Please kindly note that the Panorama Terrace + the Camera Obscura +the Optic Collection + the Observatory Museum are found on the top floors (from the 5th to the 9th) and there is no lift, so we should take those old stairs(they are not steep, though) just as they did 250 years ago.


Tuesday-Sunday: 10.00-16.00, Mondays closed

In the winter season the Camera Obsura operates till 14.00 due to the light conditions.

 Bibliotheca Eszterhazyana (the Baroque Archdiocese Library)

1000 HUF/person

(about 2,50€, as per now open from Tuesday to Saturday, 9.30-15.30)

The library is on the 1st floor, there is no lift.

 the Castle of Eger

2400 HUF/person (about 6€, valid for some exhibitions in the Castle, too)

OPENING HOURS as per now: from Tuesday to Sunday 9.00-18.00, exhibitions from 10.00-16.00. Mondays the exhibitions are closed, but we can still walk around inside the castle.

 Kopcsik Marzipania (with the Baroque room made of sugar)

1500 HUF/person (about 4€, open from Monday to Sunday 9.00-16.00)

 guided wine-tasting (6 wines, either in town or in Szépasszony-völgy/Valley of the Beautiful Women, the choice is yours)

from 4900 HUF / person (from about 12,50, price depends on the range of wines to be tasted, contains the wines only, but cheese or ham plate or some baguette can be added on request for an extra charge)

The entrance tickets above can be purchased on the spot only, but in case you would like to add the guided wine-tasting, I kindly ask you to let me know in advance a few days before, otherwise there may not be availability, especially in the high season from May-October.


• this is a full day trip, travelling to Eger by private car and driver, with a walking tour in town

• moderate amount of walk (considering the full day’s amount), easy terrain basically (only in the Castle area inside we need to be more careful, if we visit and the stairway leading up to the Basilica) though there are gentle uphill sections and also cobblestones

• comfortable shoes and clothing are advisable, also appropriate to the weather and also to the visit to churches, if requested

• not wheelchair accessible

• there might be circumstances beyond my control, for example any unforeseen closure/restriction or modification made to opening hours or prices, or to the accessibility of monuments or any conditions affecting traffic

In case you are interested to take this trip to Eger with me, I kindly ask you to let me know a few days before, as I need to organise the car and the driver.

Happen to travel solo, and you are interested in discovering Eger with me, but you do not want to rent a whole car? If you do not mind taking a comfortable, direct long-distance coach to Eger (1 hour 40 minutes from Budapest as per schedule), just let me know!

For any further details or tailor-made offer please do not hesitate to contact me, I will gladly help to customise it according to your request.

Are you too ready to be charmed by Eger? Then, let's go!

Kind regards,



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