City Essentials

Lingua English, Portuguese, Spanish
Prezzo 172,00 USD per escursione
Numero di partecipanti Gruppo fino a 5 persone
Durata 8 ore


See all the most impressive sights of the wonderful city. Visit the charming Santa Teresa neighbourhood, Visit one of the world´s new seven wonders, Discover all the beauties of Sugar Loaf mountain. Check out the Sambadrome and the Maracanã Stadium.

Detailed description:

This exciting day begins with pick up at your hotel or airport, in case you´ve just arrived.

First you´re going to enjoy the ride along the beautiful beaches of Rio through the coast .

After, a pleasant train ride all the way up to Christ the Redeemer statue, while the guide will tell you stories and facts about one of the world´s new seven wonders.

Next, you will go up the charming Santa Teresa neighborhood and understand why this magical European looking place is most popular amongst cariocas and foreigners.

Then we will check out the huge Maracanã Stadium, which held the Olympic openings and closing and our famous carnival´s Sambadrome.

Heading off to the bohemian neighborhood of Lapa, with its many historical buildings, and home to the most famous steps in the world, the colorful Selaron stairway.

Close by, at the city center of Rio you will visit the peculiar Metropolitan Cathedral with its unique beauty.

And finally, going to the breathtaking Sugar Loaf mountain where you will go on 4 cable car rides and see the beautiful view of Guanabara bay and Copacabana beach at sunset, while maybe drinking a caipirinha!


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