Full-Day Private Tour to David Gareja and Signagi

Lingua English, Russian
Prezzo 235 EUR per escursione
Numero di partecipanti Gruppo fino a 5 persone
Durata 9 ore

If you are looking for a highlights tours with a combination of Nature, landscape, wine tasting, visiting cultural heritage sites with valuable history, to take a look on monumental painting and to have fun while exploring, you are in right place and welcome to join us.

David Gareja monastery caves complex is a feudal age one of the most remarkable religious and cultural center of Georgia. The complex was founded in the 6th century by David (St. David Garejeli). By the tour you will see amazing landscape and visit monastery where is possible to see preserved Monumental painting (IX-XIV cc. )

Are you ready to try baking Georgian bread? it's easy and exciting.

We will visit eastern part of Georgia, which is famous with wine routes and beautiful city Signagi (XVIII c. ) with concept "City of Love" feel this inspiration. In this town we will visit local winery and will have a wine tasting.

Great place for couples and families

P. S. I can organize lunch at local family in village Udabno (a lot of food)


- David Gareja - Lavra 6th c. complex

- David Gareja - Udabno monastery (hiking to mountain)

- Village Badiauri (bread making show)

- Bodbe monastery

- Signagi (wine tasting)

- back to Tbilisi

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