2 days tour to Almaty from Bishkek.

Lingua English
Prezzo 120 USD per escursione
Numero di partecipanti Gruppo fino a 5 persone
Durata 2 giorni

Category: Cultural tour

Duration: 2 day

Level of Difficulty: Moderate:

Best season: 12 months a year.

Tour description

Day 1: Bishkek - Almaty

Start the trip from Bishkek. Further on transfer to Almaty.

This tour one of the best opportunities to visit the city and relax in a wild area nearby Almaty.

Sightseeing tour starts in the central part of Almaty. You will know more about history and development if the southern capital of Kazakhstan and see its major attractions: Palace of President, Republic Square & monument of independence, Astana Square, Abai Square & Republic palace. The tour will continue in one of the oldest Almaty parks – 28 Panfilov park, where you will see of the unique wooden buildings in the world – Zenkov cathedral and also visit the memorial of Glory & eternal flame, dedicated to the memory of the fighters who died for freedom & independence of the country.

After interesting and busy day step to hostel in Almaty for rest.

Driving: 5 hours.

Day 2: Almaty – Shymbulak – Bishkek

After breakfast at hostel, further on to Medeo. In 2nd day we will visit three famous places.

Medeo gorge is 25 km from Almaty where located famous outdoor ice rink and sport complex.Surrounded by marvelous Trans ili Alatau mountains .

Shumbulak ski resort located in the upper part of Medeo gorge. Attitude is 2260 m above the sea level.

Kok-tobe panorama hill. One of the most must visit attractions in Almaty. Where you can enjoy views of city from top.

By 17:00 transfer to Bishkek through bus station “Sairan”

By arriving at Bishkek, End of the tour!

Group size:

· from 1 to 8


Guides service

Transfer (share taxi)

Accommodation (hostel)

Covered regions:

Bishkek City


Almaty City


Kok Tobe

Price breakdown:

For 1 person: 170 $ pers.

For 2 people: 150 $ pers.

For 3 people: 130 $ pers.

For 4 people: 120 $ pers.


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