Luang Prabang Local Villages

Lingua English, Lao, Thai
Prezzo 64 USD per escursione
Numero di partecipanti Gruppo fino a 10 persone
Durata 8 ore

Full day

Departs: 8.30 am

Duration: 7 to 8 hours

Visit a collection of villages near Luang Prabang: Ban Hat Hien, Ban Pickngai, Ban

None Tan, Ban Kok Wan, Ban Bo Hae, Ban Tha Oui and Ban Kok Muang. Learn about

different minority groups, and about some of the interesting crafts they make.


• Meet your friendly expert guide for the drive uphill to a village which is known

for making iron knives.

• Continue to Ban Pickngai (populated by the Yuan ethnic minority), passing

through rice paddies.


• Learn about the cultures of Khmu and lowland Lao at the villages of Ban None

Tan and Ban Kok Wan, and picnic at a nearby Hmong village.

• Drive aside the Nam Pa River to a trio of Hmong villages, where your guide

will share insights into this important and famous ethnic group.

• Return to your hotel late afternoon, with a better understanding of cultural

characteristics of some of the minority groups which make up nearly half of

the population of Laos.

You might like to bring your swimming gear and a towel – for a dip in the

Nam Pa River!

• A picnic lunch is included in this experience.

Price List:

US$189 net 1 Person

US$212net 2 Persons

US$231 net 3 Persons

From 4 Persons up is US$64net / person

Inclusive private tour guide, driver, transfers, entrance fee, and drinking water


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