Alborz mountains( Tochal) climbing

Lingua English
Costo 40 EUR per escursione
Numero di partecipanti Gruppo con oltre 10 persone
Durata 6 ore

1day(8 Am- 17 pm)

Group Size: 3 To 12

mount Touchal

Touchal (height 3962 meters) is located just in the north of Tehran and is popular for Tehran climbers. They can claim this hight only in a half a day and eat their lunch at home because Tele-cabin is available for return to Tehran from 3700 meters height. This level there is a five-star hotel with full accommodation for rest, open 4 seasons.

8 months of skiing is possible. For climbing this mountain there are 10 well-known ways. First of all and the oldest way is from Tajrish and Darband that is the most beautiful way to get to the Shirpala shelter and Amiri (Siah Sang) hut and Touchal summit. It takes about 6 to 8 hours for semi-professionals climber to reach the peak. On this route, climbers have to face some rocky and stony paths for the first 2 hr of climbing and then Shirpala shelter appears.

In this place, you can rest and eat breakfast. Inside the shelter, there is some accommodation for staying the night and a restaurant with light food.

start very early morning from tochal, (around 1800m elevation), while temperatures are reasonable. The first 3 km of the trail leads along a creek past an abundance of restaurants. After the restaurants, the fun begins. A fairly steep and well-prepared trail leads up to Shir Pala shelter (about 2750m), past several waterfalls. Here is a good place to eat your breakfast. There is a restaurant

we offer :

-one day (6-8 hours) climbing in pleasant weather and relaxed atmosphere in Alborz mountain

-breakfast in a mountain restaurant

-English guide

-easy access to Telecabin


-6 hours relaxing atmosphere in tochal mountain


1 Breakfasts

1 Lunches

-professional and safe tour guide


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