Snorkeling Quy Nhon

Lingua English
Prezzo 75 USD per escursione
Numero di partecipanti Gruppo fino a 5 persone
Durata 5 ore

Snorkeling Tours with Local Fishermen

• Duration: 7 hours (8.30am – 3.30pm)

• Group size: From 4 – 10 people

• Transportation: Motorbike by yourself.

• Includes: Drinks Water, Juice.

• Place: Nhơn Lý village.

What you’ll do:

You travel to Quy Nhon and want to experience a best memorable time ever ?

I will introduce myself and give you a brief safety talk, and we are gonna go to discover everything of Quy Nhon from the sea at a glance and the nice fishing boat. It’s a very special experience, since many people in the city have never done it.

We will meet up at Quy Nhon City and head to Nhon Ly being a small village in Phuong Mai peninsula by motorbike. It will take around 30 minutes. Next, a traditional fishing boat carries us away from coast. It will be a little challenge for someone because the boat bobbed gently up and down on the water; however, travellers can enjoy with fresh wind and the murmur of waves from ocean after all. If it is a good weather, they can visit one of the pristine coastline having pure water and a white long coastline being named Bai Rang. The extremely diverse population of corals nearby an island will be our next destination and everyone can dive and observe the ocean ecosystem. It would be helpful to clean or pick up some trash pieces in order to protect our coral colony.

“Please avoid plastic. Avoid a plastic and save a turtle”.

Listen to your play lists through Bluetooth.

Welcome on fishing boat, we will spend a very fun and unforgettable time, inspired by creativity, passion, optimism and human relationship.

It’s time for you to Dive, Cheers and Laugh, embrace these times with positivity and relax with us!


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