Batchuluun Nyangar è una guida turistica privata locale in Mongolia

I have a passion for helping people professionally. The business tours and trips are of great importance for an individual, company or delegation. For a successful and fruitful business trip, a local professional interpreter or personal assistant is utterly needed. A local and experienced personal assistant will be helpful in scheduling your meetings and sessions depending upon making sure the availability of the consultants. Around 40% of the travelers are on business trips and a local guide or personal assistant can help them save the precious time while carrying out the important duties. For example, the issues related to visa applications, stay and traveling can be made possible and easy with a local personal assistant who will not only have a clear communication but also trained to deal such issues professionally. We will provide you the best and experienced personal assistant guides to serve your needs. Our service is from picking you up from the airport to daily business run errands and various other tasks.

This is the best choice for you to have a P.A if you need to attend a business meeting, trade show and particular business related events. We understand the importance of communication in business. It is essential for the very existence and operation of any business to have the understanding and full command of delivering your message to the target audience. Our service providers will solve this problem of yours with their extraordinary communication skills. If it is a business tour for any other purpose of your visits to Mongolia, our goal is to deliver an effective and pleasant experience for you. Our service is designed for those whose traveling is not only a recreation but also a story, a new information and inspiration. For those who want to know more and get the most of the impressions of their trip!

Lingue Chinese, English, Korean, Russian
Valute Tugrik mongolo (MNT)

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