Gerard D GAMA è una guida turistica privata locale in Indonesia

Hi, I am Gerard, native Flores-Indonesia.

Be my guest and let me guide you to the Lesser Sunda Archipelago; Flores, Komodo National Park (the World Heritage Site and a Man and Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 1991), Lembata, Sabu-Rote and Sumba island.

My passion is to meet people from other cultures and countries. What I love when after a tour, my guests are able to understand more of my culture and heritage, especially when there are historic links between our countries. This makes me more enthusiastic about working as a guide and wanted to dedicate my honesty and personal integrity to share all the beauties of the Lesser Sunda Archipelago in a more informative, interactive, friendly and fun way with my guests.

So, are you interested in venturing our Spicy Islands but confused how? Let me plan a quality tour itinerary for you!

I am experienced, licensed and member of Indonesian Tour Guide Association (ITGA) register number: 19.11.05287, DPD NTT/ DPC Sikka.

I am also a tour planner, guide trainer and a trip organizer. I often guide people and arrange tours throughout Komodo, Flores, Lembata, Sabu-Rote and Sumba islands.

With my experience dealing with tour operators, cruise companies, small group, family and individual clients, I can make you enjoy your holiday to the full.

Should you need further information, please feel free to contact me any time!

Welcome and be my special guests...

Lingue Dutch, English, French, Indonesian
Valute Dollaro statunitense (USD), Euro (EUR), Rupia indonesiana (IDR)

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