Rob Woodford è una guida turistica per tour a Londra

I would love to show you around MY London - and yes, we will get around to see ALL those iconic landmarks during our time together, like Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, St. Paul's Cathedral and the Tower of London, BUT also some hidden London, some secret London, some movie site location London, plus of course any bespoke London of your choice.

London has SO MUCH to offer, and I have SO MUCH to show you, and as a born and bred Londoner I can get you under the skin of the REAL London - a diversely historic past, a rich mix of social history, great markets, unique traditions and traditional pubs, all combine to make London the greatest City in the world.

On any of my Tours you will feel the enthusiasm that I have for London, as well as the enthusiasm for showing travellers around - and you can gauge that passion by reading through my client feedback.

There is no better way to get up close and personal with London's famous landmarks than in a traditional, iconic London Black Cab - and so taking a ride in one can be considered an attraction in itself!

My main interests have always had the subject of history at the very top of my list - and because sport, film, music and literature have always appealed to me I have included these topics in some of my speciality tours.

I am a London Taxi Driver, having passed 'The Knowledge of London' in 1987 - and London's Black Cabs have a unique and distinctive appearance, as well as a long and proud history, and are one of the most recognisable symbols on the streets of our capital City.

London Taxi Drivers are almost as famous as the Black Cabs that they drive, due to their having gone through stringent training, 'The Knowledge' is a test, which is among the hardest to pass in the world, and has often been described as 'having an atlas of London imprinted in your brain' - it is the equivalent of a University degree.

'The Knowledge' requires students to memorise every possible route through the City, as well as memorising landmarks and points of interest, and takes a them over 4 years to learn.

So not only can we get you through those narrow medieval streets, London's Black Cabs can use City bus lanes, and are also exempt from tolls.

I am one of the very small group of cabbies who have also become a London Taxi Guide, accredited by the City University - and I am also a qualified 'City of London Guide', and a qualified 'City of Westminster Guide'.

Please let me know in advance if you would like me to fast track your tickets for any visits so that you can 'skip the line', book your dining reservations, or would like me to organise an English afternoon tea, or a very special private evening wine tasting experience.

Sightseeing should be fun and entertaining, not just for history and culture sight seekers, but also those who are fans of Harry Potter, Downton Abbey and James Bond for example.

We can also venture a little further afield because I would also love to show you around MY England, maybe to Hampton Court Palace, Windsor Castle, Oxford, Stonehenge, Bath, Stratford-upon-Avon and the beautiful Cotswolds region.

Please contact me without any hesitation for any question, and allow me to put together a customised Tour or Day Excursion together for you if any preferred options are not listed or you would like to reserve a Layover or Shore Excursion to further explore the English Countryside.

For the greatest ride, with the most knowledgeable Guide - always use London's famous Black Cabs!

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