Jean Elisée Christian RAKOTONDRAJOA è una guida turistica per tour a Antsirabe, Antananarivo , Fianarantsoa

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Having three years of experience to be a guide, I have, so far, guided more than 200 tourists, led trekking to the highest mountain in Madagascar, up to 2 658 m, adventure in the untouched natural habitats, the Massif of MAKAY. You can find out about reviews concerning

My name is RAKOTONDRAJOA Jean Elisée Christian, you can call me Christian. I am originally from Ranohira, in the South of Madagascar, a touristic village where tourists pass by to visit Isalo National Park. I was in the world of tourism since I was born! I remember as a child, whenever I met Vazaha (the Malagasy for word for tourists and white-skinned people) I used to rush to greet them, show where is it the Massif of Isalo and some chameleons. That time I only spoke a little French, as we learn it in primary school. Such good memories! To tell you that I was I already an ambassador of my country since I was a child.

After high school, I had to move in the Highlands, in Antsirabe to pursue my university studies, with a major in Law. I tried four times to be a lawyer, but I failed due to corruption in the country.

In 2014, I decided to work in tourism. I started as a local guide in Antsirabe for sightseeing tours, and visits to the Lakes; then I became a regional guide: hiking the surroundings of Betafo, the Mount Ibity. In 2016, I became a National Tourist Guide certified by the State.

I am very passionate about discovering and making people discover arts (architect) and culture, biodiversity, faunas and floras of Madagascar. I take everyday as a challenge and satisfy my guests is my priority.

We are six in my family, I have three sisters, and two brothers. Four of us work in Tourism, all as guides – people says we have travelling in our DNA!

Veloma e !

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You could see me on facebook here : Jean Elisée Christian Rakotondrajoa.

Lingue English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish
Valuta Dollaro statunitense (USD), Euro (EUR), Ariary malgascio (MGA)


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