SYLWIA TANTARDINI è una guida turistica per tour a Svizzera, Italia

Hello :)

my name is Sylwia, I am a native Polish speaker lady.

I've been living & working in Switzerland for over 20 years.

I love walking, socialize, smiling, good food, good company, especially people with a good sense of humor.

I speak Polish, Italian and English and I am looking forward to share everything what I know about Ticino, the Italian part of Switzerland.

I can show you also one of the most beautiful place on the other side of border, very close to Ticino, it will be the city of Como in Italy, on the marvelous lake of Como.

I would like to show you how people live here, the places of rare natural beauty with breathtaking view, the places of historical importance, the right location for a good and not expensive food, how and where do the best and convenient shopping in the world, es: FoxTown in Mendrisio, where they are the most important brands of the planet.

I will help you to discover the sunniest part of Switzerland, where the mild Mediterranean climate will allow you to enjoy the beautiful beaches on the shores of the most fascinating lakes in the world.

The best country in the world according to the statistics of Report Best Countries 2018 is waiting for you with its: Swiss chocolate, cheeses, watches, banks, mountains, lakes and an orderliness and unparalleled cleanup with no other place in the world.

And all of this, in three languages of your choice :-D

Bye bye, or better, CIAO !!!!


Lingue English, Italian, Polish
Valuta Franco svizzero (CHF)


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