Omar Fuentes Lafertte è una guida turistica per tour a La Serena , Santiago, Valparaíso

My name is Omar Fuentes Lafertte

I have been working as a touristic guide in Elqui Valley these last 4 years in "TOURMISTICOS" pioneer in wellness tourism, wich includes natural outdoor therapies.We have appeared on 03 national channels of TV, also in NY TIMES and the Aeroexpress Magazine from Rusia with our artistic/coloured vehicles. (We are registered on the national service of tourism SERNATUR)

About my profession i love to includes on the story the vision of the world of our local ancesters, so Elqui Valley is considered a sacred placed before we know, and his misticism is beyond these last 500 years. By day im a outdoor therapies guide (Quarz singing bowls sessions/Meditations / Therapeutic massage/ Visit to a Buddist temple/ healing ceremony), and by night im an stargazing guide tour, i told you how to native people from Chile watch the sky (Astroturismo Valle del Elqui on Facebook and on instagram), recognizement of andean constellations,its cosmovision and andes lifestyle and philosophy, that's our key component of my tour wich includes a photo with the stars behind in the clearests sky in the world.

About me....

Im part of a chilean native people called "Diaguitas" from the blood of my grandmother, im very focused to transmit this kind of knowledge and way to live here in the andes, and you can involve in the non tipical Elqui Valley Experience visiting sacred, and secret places hidden in this energetic place special to heal with just been there. The place where i live (Pisco Elqui) offers to the tourist best national drink called "Pisco" tasty destillated made of local grapes, also a couple breweries and organic wines.

With me you can visit

-Coquimbo (Guanaqueros, Tongoy, Totoralillo), La Serena (Archaeological museum, downtown and market places), Vicuña (Gabriela Mistral museum, Ancestral trekking) ,Diaguitas (Rupestian art workshop and native healing) ,Pisco Elqui (Stargazing and Destilleries), Cochiguaz (Nature, falls and buddhist temple), Alcohuaz (Bee's therapies, private Observatory, handcarft village, riverside).

Also Santiago and Valparaiso.

About my formation i studied:


-Natural therapies.

-Therapeutic massage .

-Cultural managment.

-Art and Public space.

-Andean Cosmovision.

-Organic fields.


-Renewable energy.

Lingue English, Spanish
Valuta Dollaro statunitense (USD), Euro (EUR), Peso cileno (CLP)


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