Plitvice lakes local area, Plaški (30 km)

Язык Dutch, Английский, Croatian
Стоимость 70 EUR за экскурсию
Количество участников Группа до 10 человек
Длительность 5 часов

While on your way to the Plitvice lakes and the Adriatic coast, take some time to hang around the Plaški area, still very

untouched and raw, hiding secret tales of wide meadows and misterious forests, clean water and crisp air.


There is an abundance of nice hiking trails that will take you through beautiful forests and alongside many springs of clean, fresh drinking water. Here you can find one of the deepest springs ever found - Sinjac, over 200 m deep; one of the cleanest rivers of the world – Dretulja, and more than 60 mountain springs; reapearing estavele lake Blata, unique in the world; countless caves and dense forests.

History and culture

There is a Serbian orthodox church that was built in 1755, many archeological sites that still await recognition and exploration, ruins of old castles and watermills, traces of recent wars and a number of other intriguing sites. The complex and interweaving relation between cultures and religions here can be felt right off the bat.

Taste it!

Our walks also take us to the local farmers where authentic honey, cheese and slivovic can be tasted.

We can join them in their daily work, ride one of their horses or have a lazy afternoon at one of the great peaceful places.


Visit the pottery shop ‘Atelier Janja Gora’, their growing sculpture park and a big wood fired kiln, unique in this part of Europe.

You can also express your own creativity by

attending a one or more day’s workshop in ceramics...


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