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-National Park “Mavrovo”

- Waterfall Duf

- Mavrovo Lake

- Saint Jovan Bigorski Monastery

• Mavrovo

One of the most beautiful mountain valleys, Mavrovo, together with the lake and mountain Bistra, is placed in the western part of Macedonia. Mysterious and romantic, sheltered by the high hills of mountain Korab, Mavrovo.

The National Park Mavrovo encompasses numerous rivers, which present a real jewel in the crown of beauty for the mountain landscape, with their wild rapids, water-falls and incredible transparency: always full with clear and cold water, the springs never get muddy. One of the most impressive parts of the park are the striking gorges of the river Radika.

• Waterfall Duf

Beautiful waterfall in the gorge of Duf Dol in Mavrovo National Park

• Mavrovo Lake

The Mavrovo Lake is the largest artificially lake created in Macedonia. Part of the Mavrovo National Park, this lake had and still has a great contribution to the number of visitors who come every year for fishing and some fresh air.

Perhaps one of the features that make the Mavrovo National Park so attractive to visitors is its vivid topography. The relief of the park contains three Alpine mountain systems: the Shar, Korab and Bistra mountains..

• Saint Jovan Bigorski Monastery

The Saint Jovan Bigorski monastery is located in surroundings of Rostuse village very close to Debar. The monastery church is dedicated to St. John the Baptist (Saint John the Forerunner ). According to he monastery’s 1833 chronicle, it was built in 1020 by Archbishop Jovan.

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