15 days Ethiopian-Cultural Tour -Omo Valley with BOAT

Язык English
Стоимость 3000 USD за экскурсию
Количество участников Любое количество человек
Длительность 2 недели 1 день

Day 1: Arrive Addis Ababa / City Tour

Visit Entoto mountains with views over the capital, the National museum, St George church.

(overnight) hotel.

Day 2: Drive to Arbaminch,

To admiring Tiya steles or Adadi Mariam church (rock-hewn church, as per tradition associated with King Lalibela during early 12th century), the Guraghe + Wolayta people & villages and spectacular views. Lunch on the way. Reach Arbaminch, with spectacular views at the Swaynes hotel over Chamo & Abaya lakes. Dinner & ON Swaynes hotel. Or Paradise lodge

Day 3: Drive to Jinka

To admiring the Konso, Derase, Tsemay, Ari and Benna people on the way. Visit a Konso tribal village, which are famous for the terracing agriculture, and have particular way of life and traditions. Lunch on the way; dinner & ON Jinka in htl.

Day 4: Enter the Mago National park

To admiring different mammals and birds on the way; and proceed to visit the Mursi people and villages. Here for beauty women use to put round plates into their lips. On camp near to Elwoha village.

Day 5: Full day to visit the very interesting Mursi and Body people villages. If its June visit also the Body people competition, which its unique experience. Also having a full day for the Mursi people you can really experience their way of life, culture and traditions. ON camp near to Elwoha village.

Day 6: Drive to the Omo River

Start navigating, with boats capacity 6 clients/boat. Is a unique experience, visiting these villages which have very few contact with tourism and you can really experience their culture. ON next to a Mursi people village.

Day 7: Continue Boat Ride

This day experience the very colorful & interesting Muguji people, with unique culture. ON camp, next to a very interesting Muguji village 08. Visit Muguji & Nyangatom people & villages. ON camp next to a village.

Day 9: Reach Kortcho Village

Visit the Nyangatom & Karo people. End of boat ride days. Fantastic view over Omo river and the valley. ON camp next to Kortcho village.

Day 10: Drive to Turmi

To visit the Hamer people & villages. Visit Monday’s very colorful Hamer, Karo & Dassanech people market at Turmi village. Afternoon walk to a Hamer village to experience their culture. With luck we’ll try also to participate to the Hamer people marriage ceremonies, with the bull jumping & more. Also in the evening to admire one of their dances: the Evangadi. Meals & ON Turmi Evangadi lodge.

Day 11: Turmi

Morning drive to Omorate, at bank of Omo river, to visit the Dassanech people. Then back to Turmi, for the Hamer people villages. ON Evangadi lodge Turmi

Day 12: Drive to Arbaminch

On the way visit Erbore people their villages & culture. Then cross the Weyto river valley, to the Konso people (if their village not visited on day 4, can be done now). Proceed to Arbaminch. Lunch on the way; dinner & ON Swaynes htl or Paradise lodge.

Day 13: Boat on lake Chamo – Netch Sar Park

To admiring crocodiles, hippos and birds. Reach the other side of the lake and walk to the Netch Sar park. Visit animals, as Swaynes Hartbeest, lesser kudu, zebras, birds & more. Reach the mountain top (“Yesghier dildi”, which means mountain of paradise) with spectacular view over Chamo & Abaya lakes and the Netch Sar park. Picnic lunch, Drive back for Dinner & ON Swaynes htl or paradise lodge.

Day 14: Drive to the Dorze – Lake Langano

Dorze people known by the handmade traditional clothes and the way they build their house from bamboo, false banana leaves; shape of elephant face. From the village you will have very nice views. Picnic Lunch then to the Rift Valley of Lake Langano. Dinner & ON Wenney ecolodge.

Day 15: Relax at Langano- Drive to Addis Ababa

Possibility of trekking, birdwatching, horse riding, cycling, swimming. After lunch Drive back to Addis Ababa. In Addis, short visit of the Mercato, biggest open air market in Africa. Dinner in traditional restaurant with folkloristic dances. Then transfer airport for departure.


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