6 Days Ethiopian-Cultural Tour -Omo Valley with flight

Язык English
Стоимость 2750 USD за экскурсию
Количество участников Группа до 5 человек
Длительность 6 дней

Day 1: Arrive to Addis Ababa / City Tour

Visit the National Museum, take in the city’s wide, tree-lined streets or the bustle of the “Mercato” (market). This colourful market has an array of fascinating goods and curios, providing a great place for exploration and people watching. Throughout the city there are shops that sell typical artisan wares, materials and antiques.

Day 2: flight to Arba Minch (Wednesday will be the first choose)

Arrive at Arba Minch airport, the Jeep will wait there and then Drive up to Dorze village this people set high up in the Gughe Mountains where we see the traditional Dorze beehive shaped huts recognized as one of the visually attractive structural houses by the UNESCO and you will visit the village.

After the visit in Dorze village, drive back to Arba Minch.

Overnight in Arba Minch

Day 3: Drive to Jinka

After breakfast drive to konso and in this town we will visit the konso tribe’s village

After the Konso village continue drive to keyafer, in this town there will be market day if the day is Thursday and we will visit the market. Then drive to Jinka

Overnight in Jinka

Day 4: Visit Mursi Tribes and drive to Turmi

In the Morning drive to Mursi village- a minority people living in the Lower Omo Valley. The women in this tribe are known for a big clay plate they put in their lips for decoration, whereas the men are known for the different patterns they paint on their body for decoration.

After Mursi village back to Jinka relax have coffee and lunch, then Drive to Turmi.

Overnight in Turmi

Day 5: Visit Hamer market in Dimaka and drive back to Arba Minch

After breakfast visit Hamer tribe’s village, you will see how they live like and after that we will drive back to Arba Minch, on the way we will stop at down called Dimeka for a Market day, we will visit the colorful market.

Overnight in Arba Minch

Day 6: Visit crocodile market and fly back to Addis

After breakfast take a boat trip on Lake Chamo, to visit the crocodile market, it is a local name for a place in Lake chamo that the crocodiles went out of the lake and chill, there is no buying or selling, also you will see hippos and different kinds of birds.

After the lake visit have lunch and the jeep will drop you to Arba Minch airport.


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