Custom - Private Tour

Язык Голландский, Английский
Стоимость 700 EUR за экскурсию
Количество участников Группа до 5 человек
Длительность 8 часов

Because my tours are private, I can create a Custom Holland Private Tour for you, fitting all your wishes and requests.

Is your last name ‘VanDeventer’ we can go to the city of Deventer.

Has your great-grandfather lived on a farm in Friesland, we’ll contact the owners for a visit.

Do you like to ride a horse, we’ll arrange a horse ride on the beach.

Like to make your own Delft Blue tile, Dutch Gouda Cheese or Dutch Bread we’ll arrange a workshop.

If you have activity limitations, we customise to your possibilities. Foldable wheelchairs can be brought along.

No request is strange for me. Let me know what you like to do and see and I will create a custom tour for your party.

Custom tours I have organized:

* Family Roots tours

* WWII history and cementeries

* Horse riding on the beach

* Tour with blind people

* Tours for people with activity limitations

* Workshops (Delft Blue, Wooden Shoes, Gouda * Cheese, Dutch Bread)

* Scattering ashes

* Drop-off in Paris or Belgium


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