Tetouan and Tangier in One day!

Язык Arabic, English, French, Spanish
Стоимость 390 EUR за экскурсию
Количество участников Группа до 5 человек
Длительность 8 часов

• Tour Overview

This charming northern region of Morocco is a melting pot of culture.

Only 60 Km separates the two cities, but they are two different worlds. Each city has its history, charm and identity.

Tetouan, a small city in northern Morocco with a unique heritage of Andalusian (Muslim and Jews) cultures making this green and whitewashed city one of the jewels of Morocco.

The medina of Tetouan is surrounded by 5 km of walls and is of superficy of 50 hectares it contains one of the biggest Mellah ( Jews quarter) in Morocco. Since 1997 Tetouan was named as a World Heritage by the UNESCO. The medina streets in Tetouan are wide and straight and many of the houses still belong to aristocratic families, descendants of those expelled from Al-Andalus by the Spanish Reconquista.

Tangier, even more ancient, its medina looks more modern because of the influence of the International Era (1924-1956). Tangier, The luminous and the princess of the north or as called by locals Tangier the highest is a city that deservs to be visited.

Please contact me before and I send you a customized tour for the exact number of people if more than 5.

• Itinerary

• Morning departure from your hotel in Tangier

• Drive to Tetouan.

• Main highlights of Old and new medina in Tetouan.

• Enjoy a mint Tea and Moroccan cookies and observe locals in their daily tasks.

• Drive to Tangier to admire Tangier views from the surrounding hills, see the new city.

*Lunch time is flexible!

• Meeting Location

Meeting location: Port-city of Tangier , Hotel, Airport.

End location: Port-city of Tangier , Hotel, Airport.

Location options: Address or Intersection upon Traveler's request, Cruise Ship Port, Hotel, Rail or Bus Station


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