Discover Egypt 15 day

Язык English, German, Indonesian
Стоимость 1800 USD за экскурсию
Количество участников 1 человек
Длительность 2 недели 1 день

Discover Egypt within 15 day...the mjority of the sights at Giza platu , the great pyramid with Sphinx crossing to Cairo Museam,Abu Simble one of the great temple in Egypt,Vally of the Kings and the largest temple in the world The Karnak....back to old and modern Cairo..Coptic and Islamic Cairo with the largest famous Souq in Egypt Khan El Khalily...the highest Mountain in Egypt with spirtuall view of St.Kathrin Monastry at Sinai then enjoying the tropical life at Red Sea.

day 1 -group meeting at 6 pm at the foyer of the hotel (Cairo)

day 2 -Giza pyramids&Sphnix; and Egyptian Museam....over night sleeper train to Aswan

day 3 -check in(Aswan Hotel),JJ tour..(motor boat tour at the nile with Nubian dinner).

day 4 -early tour by bus to Abu Simble temple.

day 5 -check in on Falluca sailling the whole day and camping at night (meals including).

day 6 -check in Luxor hotel (free day with chance of many sights and the Suiqe).

day 7 -tour to the west banck of Luxor(The vally of the kings).(lunch in a local house).

day 8 -tour to the east banck of Luxor (Karnk temple)...and the Animal care Egypt. over night sleeper train to cairo.

day 9 -check in (cairo hotel) tour to Coptic and Islamic Cairo and Khan El Khalily.

day 10-early deprtur by bus to Sinai(St Kathrine) climbing the Mt.Sinai(sunset).

day 11-check out(St.Kathrine hotel) tour at the Monastry. and 2:30 h driving to the Red Sea Camp. free day.

day 12-free day on the beach(scube diving and snorkling optionals)

day 13-free day.

day 14-check out(Red Sea camp) Bus ride back to Cairo...(check in Cairo hotel).

day 15-deprture day.

Tour Inclusions:

all the sights seeing main fees including...

meals including:

day 2: B,D

day 3:D

day 5:L,D

day 6:B

day 7:L

day 8:D

day 9:B

day 10:B

day 11:B

day 15:B

Tour Exclusions:

1-the ticket of the great or the 2nd and the 3rd pyramids excluding,the Mummies room at the Egyptian museam too.

2-all the extra sights in Aswan excluding(Nubian museam,phila temple,Alphantian iland,hight dam)

3-all the extra sights in Luxor excluding(queenes tombs,Nobels tombs,Habou tembl,Hatshepsuit temble and Luxor temble) Hot Air Ballon ride too.


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