05 DAYS' 4 NIGHTS 😍📷

Язык English
Стоимость 270 USD за экскурсию
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Длительность 5 дней

01 Pick up from airport =>Tour start

SIGIRIYA  is an historical city which has a deep historical value

It is situated in the north central province of srilanka .. it is not only a rock but also a fortress used to be protective from invadors.. it was build by king Kashyapa .. there's a nice and an interesting story also which was written around that place.. once it was nominated as a world's heritage.

Things to do on the day and on the way are

•Pinnavala elephant orphange

•Hiking to Sigiriya rock to see the sun setting

02 Pickup from Sigiriya => day starts

KANDY  is a cultural city and very famous as a main city in srilanka .. and belongs to the central province of Srilanka ..

And it can be known as a secred city with the world famous lord buddha's secred tooth relic..

It can be also introduced as an ancient kingdom of srilanka which shows the dignity of little country.

Things to do on the day and on the way

•morning we can do an hiking to Pidurangala rock to see sun rise.(depends on your wish)

••••On the way,

•Nalanda gedige the centre of Srilanka

•Marimuttu amman hindu Kovil

•Evening Kandy city tour and temple of tooth relic..

03 Pickup from Kandy  => day starts

ELLA  is very touristic with its own nature with mist and cold,

Flowers blossom in the sunshine make the nature very beauty.. it is very famous to do hiling and for beautiful accommodations and tasty food..

Things to do on the way and on the day..

•Morning botanical garden in peradeniya .

•Tea factories

•Tea plantations

•Hanuman sleeping mountain

•Water falls

•Nuwaraeliya city tour (ancient post office,local •market,gregory lake and park,)

04 Pickup from Ella  => day starts

BENTOTA  is an area with a nice beach view..

And the area sorrounded with famous madu river,

It is well famous for water sports

Turtle conservation project takes an important place in the area..

Things to do on the way and on the day

•Rathnapura jem mine

•Turtle conservative place

•Brief garden

05 Pickup from Bentota => day starts


•••If we have enough time with a late departure  •you can do water sports in bentota river,

•boat safari in madu river,

•and also we can visit turtles hatchery


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