Lalibela churche & Yemrehan kirstos for 2-Night

Язык Amharic, Английский, French, German, Italian, Spanish
Стоимость 280 USD за экскурсию
Количество участников 1 человек
Длительность 2 дня


Fly to Lalibela and take the airport shuttle transfer to the town ( 40 minute) and visit the rock hewn churches of Lalibela

After lunch we will drive to sits where we find a concentration of some of Ethiopia most famous Rock hewn churches, mostly referred by many as " the living wonders of the world " this churches are they have been here for at list 900 years, an active christen shrine, spiritual center of the country religious life.

Then we will visit 1st groups of churches this group contains, Bet Medhane Alem ,Bet Maryam, Bet Meskel, Bet Danaghel, Bet Mikael & Golgotha

Overnight:- lalibela

Day -2

Early in the morning we will attend a church service in one of the churches of Lalibela to assure you still the churches are active for 900 years.

After breakfast we will drive 90km round Trip to a cave church called Yimrhanne Kirstos

On the way to the cave church you have the opportunity to explore highland parts of Ethiopia

Yimrhanne Kirstos is an old built up church within a large cave, it is a particularly fine example of late Axumite architecture, built with alternating layer of Wood and granite faced with Whit gypsum

The church built almost 100years before the churches of Lalibela and the ceiling decorated within a very old painting

After lunch we will visit 2nd groups of churches and St.George

The 2nd groups contains Bet Gabriel- Rafael, Bet Abba Libanos, Bet Emanuel finally we will see St.George, this is most probably the highlight of your trip to Ethiopia

Overnight:- lalibela

Day -3

Back to the airport for your next flight

This package include :-

- Fees for the churches

- Guide service for Lalibela churches and yemrehan kirstos church

- Transfer in and out from lalibela airport , city transfer by a private airconditioned car

- Driving to yemrehan kirstos church round trip 90km by a private car

- packed water in your journey

- All goverment taxes

This package NOT include

- Accummudation

- Lunch and dinner

N.B if the number is more than one person we will give 20% discount


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