Full-Day Tour of Ulaanbaatar With Museum and Black-market

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Explore the highlights of Ulaanbaatar on a full fay tour with a local guide. Start with a visit to the National History Museum of Mongolia, followed by a visit to Gandan Monastery, the most important Buddhist site in Mongolia. Fuel up with a traditional Mongolian lunch, then it's on to the famous Black Market for some shopping for everything from horse saddles to traditional Mongolian clothing. The finale is a visit to a local cashmere and wool factory where you can purchase garments made from the hair of Mongolian goats. Hotel pickup and drop-off is included. Your tour of Mongolia's capital begins with a pickup at your centrally located hotel. The first stop is Chingghis Khan Square, the city’s geographic and social center, with its famous statue of the founder of the Mongolian Empire mounted on his horse. Fronting the square are the Parliament Palace and mausoleum. Moving on to the National History Museum of Mongolia, you'll survey the country’s ancient past and storied empire, founded by Chingghis Khan in the year 1206, as well as life during the 20th-century Soviet era.

The next stop is Gandan Monastery, Mongolia’s most important Buddhist site, where you may see monks observing ceremonial rituals. Then, wander the grounds of the ornate Bogd Khan palace, one of Mongolia’s most important architectural monuments. Constructed at the end of the 19th century, this residence of Mongolia’s last king was turned into a museum on his death in 1924. Chinese-style pagodas and courtyards retain their original splendor and the palace museum preserves more than 8,000 artifacts spanning 400 years of history, including Buddhist sculptures, intricately painted thangkas, a yurt lined with the hides of 150 snow leopards, and elaborate fur and pearl-adored brocade royal garments.

In the afternoon, a journey to the famous Black Market is an exhilarating experience for any visitor. Not a black market in the sense of illegal activity, this hub of local commerce is a place to buy everything from North Face knockoffs to horse saddles, handcrafted fur hats, and traditional Mongolian clothing. Enjoy watching the locals bargain as you are walking through, with a chance to make purchases if you wish. If your tour falls on a Tuesday when the Black Market is closed, you will visit the Kharkhorin market instead. At midday, stop for a traditional Mongolian lunch with a choice of buuz (dumplings) or khuushuur (beef patties).

Then, it’s on to the cashmere and wool factory outlet located in the Khan-Uul district. Learn how the fine underwool of Mongolia’s cashmere goats is made into exceptionally soft, lightweight garments and browse a broad selection of items for purchase including sweaters, scarves, and socks.

The final event of the day is an option where you may disembark along the way to comb through more cashmere and wool shops if you wish. Your tour concludes with hotel drop-off.


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