Elangata-Wuas Maasai Homestay Tour

Язык English
Стоимость 700 USD за экскурсию
Количество участников Любое количество человек
Длительность 3 дня

Elangata-Wuas Maasai Homestay Tour

Elangata-wuas Maasai homestay tour is run by a dedicated group of unemployed youths in Loodokilani who are dedicated in social change, alleviating poverty and youth unemployment in our community through tourism. Our tours are managed by dedicated local young adults who have a background in travel and tourism, who are committed to making a positive change in our community.

At 46Moran guides we strive to offer our guests an authentic Maasai homestays life and culture experience. We offer customized homestay tours to a group of 2-30 visitors. We also provide individual tours tailored to suit your stay with us.

Highlights of your tour will include but not limited to:

 Spend the day and night with your Maasai guide and host family getting involved and experience their day to day way of life.

 Watering, spraying and taking animals out for pasture

 Fetching water from the river and collecting firewood.

 Visit and experience the Maasai rite of passage. (this one depends on if there is one happening at the time of your visit)

 Learn the traditional art of Maasai jewellery-making.

 as you make your own wristband to keep

 Learn about our Maasai culture and experience traditional singing and dancing.

 Learn how to milk cows, Goat and sheep.

 Learn how to slaughter a goat and prepare barbecue the Maasai way on your last night with us. (limited to a group of 2 and above) can be arranged for individuals at an extra fee

Prices are $145 USD per person daily and $100.00 for a group of 2 and above per person per day. The revenue from your visit goes directly to your host family and guides


• Half board Accommodation in a Maasai hut or in an Eco-campsite in Elangata-wuas and Magadi. (you can bring your tent or hire from us) local food

 Local English-speaking guide.

 Unlimited treated water. Kindly bring your own environment-friendly water bottle.

 Free customized wristband or necklace.

 Take unlimited pictures with your host family.

 Nyama choma and bonfire every night.

 Storytelling

 Maasai morans and girls night and day dances

 Maasai soup with traditional herbs.

 Goat and cow milking and washing

 Goat and cow slaughter experience

 Tour of maasai rite of passage manyatta (subject to season)


• Tips/gratuities for your guides.

• Other souvenirs and personal items.

Schedule details

Pickup location:

You’ll be picked up at your hotel/airport

Pick up time: flexible

Drop off location:

At your hotel.


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