let's witness the sunrise with the gods on the mountain of nemrut.

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let's witness the sunrise with the gods on the mountain of nemrut.

Göbeklitepe,Harran,museums(archaeology,mosaic),holy fish lake,old bazaars,Halfeti(black rose-boat tour),Atatürk dam,sunrise on nemrut mountain,arsemia antique city,septimus severus bridge,karakus tumulus,perre antique city…

After welcoming you, our precious guests, at the airport, we start our trip with göbeklitepe. Göbeklitepe, which is the oldest ritual archaeological site in the world, which causes questioning all the known things belonging to the Neolithic period. After We will move on to the harran where we will visit the beekeepers whose names have not changed for 5000 years until today, the land of the moon god sin, the land of the last Babylonian king Nabukednezar, the homeland of the Saabis, the philosophy of the Harran school that guided the Islamic world and the roots of which go back 4000 years.

after Harran, we will visit the largest archaeological museum in Turkey.you'll find yourself on a 15,000-year-old trip, as the museum's artifacts are sorted chronologically.

immediately after that, we will go to the Haleplibahçe Mosaic Museum, which is very close to the Archaeological Museum.

Haleplibahçe Garden mosaics are described as the most valuable mosaic in the world due to their mosaic technique, art and 4 mm2 size made from the original stones of the Euphrates River and similar features.museum include masterpieces ..in the Amazon warrior queens(Hippolyte,Melanipe, Antiope,Panthesilaia), Akhileus, Ktisis, (goddess of the foundation of buildings and cities, and personification of generosity and donations),Orpheus,jesus,....and more… After settling in our hotel, we will go to the local row night where you will see and listen to the songs and dances of the people of the ancient lands of Mesopotamia, our first day will be over..

Our 2nd day will start with the holy Balıklı Lake, 3 monophysite is the ancestor and prophet of religion, which is the sacred place where the prophet Hz Ibrahim was born and was thrown into the fire.. our tour with a trip that includes markets and bazaars,where a historical, colorful and cultural life, whose origins date back to a very old time, takes place…later we will set out for the natural and historical wonder Halfetti, which is identified with the sacred Euphrates River and the black rose. In our 1 hour boat tour on the Firat which will last about an hour, we will visit the rumkale which is surrounded by water on 3 sides and the village with sunken minarets, which is the subject of films and advertisements. Then we will visit the black rose farm that grows only in halfet in the world and buy black rose cologne.then then we'll move a massive structure turkey's largest hidrolelektrik plant and filtered in a narrow valley euphrates Atatürk dam to see the river..

Our 3nd day will start climb Mount nemrut to greet the sun (sunrise) with the gods and Goddess zeus,Apollo,heracles,Commagene(Tyche-Bakht)) at an altitude of 2200 meters, leaving the hotel 3 or 4 hours in advance according to the sunrise time.

Nemrut mountain and giant statues of Gods and goddess;

zeus,herakles,apollon,thyce(fortune)..... Would you like to watch the world's most beautiful sunrise and sunset at 2200 meters above sea level with the most influential gods of the ancient world. Commagene the sacred ceremony and sacred mausoleum tumulus(hierothesion) performed by the great king Antiochus for himself and his father I mithrades. The sanctuary where the statues of giant gods sitting on their thrones accompany you, formed by small limestones stacked about 50 meters high, which began to be built in the 1st century BC. King Antiochus realizes his dream by combining the gods of both east and west on the same mountain at the summit of the Nemrut in the dream of uniting the east and the west, which Alexander the Great could not very much want.

from the king antiochos to all people ... ...... ‘The Great King Antiochus. the God, the Righteous One, the Manifest (Deity), the Friend of the Romans a n d the G r e e k s , the Son of King M i t h r a d a t e s Callinicus and of Laodice the Brother-loving Goddess, the D a u g h t e r of King A n tio c h u s E p ip h a n e s , the Mother-loving, the Victorious, has recorded for all time, on consecrated pedestals with inviolable letters the deeds of his clemency. Therefore, as you see, I have set up these divine images of Z eus-O rom a sde s and of Apollo-Mithras-Helios- Hermes and of Artagnes-Heracles-Ares, and also of my allnourishing homeland Commagene; and from one and

the same quarry, throned likewise among the deities who hear our prayers, I have consecrated the features of my own form, and have caused the ancient honor of great deities to become the coeval of a new T'yche. Since I thereby, in an upright wav. imitated the example of the divine Providence, which as a benevolent helper has so often been seen standing by my side in the struggles of my reign.’

after watching the magnificent sunrise, we will go to the ancient city of arsemia in our car..

Arsemia ancient city hierothesion and capital of commagene

The ancient city built within the summer capital founded by Antiochus I, the magnificent king of the Commagene kingdom, by his ancestor arsames. In antiochus built on his father's holy mausoleum and in turkey, which has the largest Greek inscriptions . the holy river for I Mithrades priest and the ancient city which is an amazing natural landscape. It is built on the sacred river, the Kahta(Nymph) river, has an incredible view of nature. It is built on a high hill against enemy attack.

next up is the septimus severus bridge, a magnificent Roman architecture..

Septimus severus (cendere) bridge

It is the masterpiece of Roman architecture, built by the XVI Flavia Firm legion by Septimus Severus, the first emperor of the Roman Empire with African (Libya) origin. Emperor Severus had 4 columns erected at the entrance and exit of the bridge in the name of himself, his wife Julia Domna (mater castrorum - 'mother of the [army] camps').and his children Caracalla and geta. The bridge was built at the beginning of the 3rd century by the XVI legion in the city of samsat(samosat), the capital of the commagene, for the expeditions of the Roman army to the east. the bridge is built on the cendere (chabines) river.

now it's time for the royal queen and princesses to be buried in the sacred mausoleum..

Karakuş tümülüs (hierothesion)

sacred monument built by the commagene king Mithridates II for the royal commagene queen and her princesses.II mithrades built this tumulus for his mother lsias, his sisters laodike and antiochis and his nephew aka these tombs and pillars. As can be understood from the inscriptions here, King Mithridates decorated this monumental tomb with columns consisting of three groups. The column with a handshake scene for Laodike in the northwest; a column with a bull sculpture for lsias in the north east; For Antiochis and his daughter Aka, he erected the south column with an eagle on it. With the Romans dominating the Commagene, the building stones here were taken and used in the construction of the Cendere Bridge (severus Bridge). It is widely believed that the burial chamber inside the tumulus may have been entered by the Romans.

and finally, the ancient city of pere

Pirin (perin ) ancient city

This ancient necropolis and its surrounding area was an important settlement center during the Commagene period. together, it became a developed city during the Roman period. Most of the remains are carved into the rocks, in the form of burial sites with other behaviors. Sarcophagi were placed inside the rooms and their entrances were decorated with reliefs. The ancient city, which was located on the road route of Malatya in ancient times, is mentioned about the beauty of its water, which is still used today.The ancient city also sent a representative to the Iznik(nikea) council in the 4th century AD.


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