Nagasaki Full Day Private Tour

Язык Английский, Japanese
Стоимость 359 USD за экскурсию
Количество участников Группа до 10 человек
Длительность 7 часов

We start our tour from Minamiyamate(south mountain), first visit is Glover garden where consists historical western style houses including the former residence of Thomas Glover. People love the view from this place just like Thomas Glover did

Let's take the streetcar to go to Suwa shrine. Be ready to go up 193 steps! After that we go see spectacles bridge and take some photos there. Then we take a walk to downtown area and have delicious chanpon noodle at my recommended place! It's a small local restaurant in downtown

Our last destination is Atomic bomb museum. We walk to Hypocenter and Peace park from the museum and finish the tour

In this tour, you will visit most famous and popular places in Nagasaki city by streetcars. It is very easy and go around those sites by streetcars and most guests love this experience. Local people also use this streetcar to commute so that you can see and observe their lively daily lives. If you prefer to do this tour by a private taxi, I can arrange the transportation too!


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