Private Family tour in Tokyo with your guide

Язык Английский, Японский
Стоимость 1000 USD за экскурсию
Количество участников Любое количество человек
Длительность 7 часов

Exciting day in Tokyo for your whole family

A private tour for a family to enjoy Tokyo in a day.

I will choose the best places for your kids, depending on their ages and interests.

If your kids are animal lovers, I will take you some of the animal cafes, like Hedgehog cafe, Cat cafe, Owl cafe, Dog cafe, and Monster cafe.

I can also take you to Harajuku teenager fashion town, enjoying rainbow colored giant cotton candy, giant crepes with favorite toppings, and Kawaii (cute) gelatos. You can spend time in purchasing crazy designed colorful socks and fancy closings.

I may give you delightful time in a toy store dedicated to characters like Hello Kitty and Pokemon. If your kids are game lovers, I can take you to the Nintendo shop.

For digital kids, I can arrange a visit to Digital Museum in Odaiba.

With advanced reservations, I can arrange a tour to the Ghibli Museum.

In order to customize the tour, please contact me beforehand to discuss.

We use public transportations, such as trains and subways. If you are not willing to walk much, we can take taxis.


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