Punta Tombo - Penguin - Shore Excursion -Cruise Ships

Язык Английский, Французский, Итальянский, Испанский
Стоимость 100 USD за экскурсию
Количество участников Группа более 10 человек
Длительность 7 часов

This trip begins in Puerto Madryn at the time of arrival of the cruise. One of the coordinators in the city ( Marcelo or Vanina) will be waiting to take you to your chosen driver.

In this program, visit the Penguin colony most important in Latin America. Our tour begins at the time of arrival of the cruise. We will have a distance of 200 km to reach the park entrance, there we must pay the $ 400 entry reservation. - Argentine pesos.

Punta Tombo, landform that is the habitat of the Magellanic penguin. Estimated time remaining in this reserve: 2:00 / 2:30 pm. - There will be time to see how cohabit on the coast, gulls, skuas, giant petrels, cormorants, oystercatchers, steamed duck, and given the extent of the area, species characteristics of the steppe as guanacos, rheas, maras and foxes. The viewing distance is 2 meters, the park's trails are off the ground, allowing the full observation of the animals. Returning have time for a free lunch at the Port of Rawson, famous for its seafood.

Returning to the city just in time to take the cruise.


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