Punta Ninfas - Shore Excursion -Cruise Ships

Язык Английский, Французский, Итальянский, Испанский
Стоимость 80 USD за экскурсию
Количество участников Любое количество человек
Длительность 5 часов

Half day

This trip begins in Puerto Madryn at the time of arrival of the cruise. One of the coordinators in the city (Vanina or Marcelo) will be waiting to take you to your chosen driver.

Punta Ninfas located 90 kilometers southeast of Puerto Madryn, is accessed by gravel roads, taking approximately 01:30 hours, arriving at the very entrance of Golfo Nuevo, a must for boats and whales. In the place we find the solitude of the lighthouse and the immensity of the Patagonian steppe to ourselves. After interpretation of fossils, begin the descent of a cliff 70 meters or so of medium difficulty. At the beach, we have the opportunity to interact with the elephant seal colony in its natural. This is the issue in the most natural environment available to the region.

Return to the city doing a tour of the historical district visited viewpoints and show the passengers the most important areas that should not miss when they come to Puerto Madryn, have time for lunch before finishing the tour.

Returning to port just in time to take the cruise. Medium Difficulty: Consult the Agency


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