Terebesi Robert - гид в странах Венгрия, Румыния, Молдова

Dreaming to visit the legendary places of Transylvania?

Maybe on extended tour of Romania's highlights?

Or combining your visit in Romania with a short immersion in the nearby Hungary, Bulgaria, Moldova?

Willing to go off the beaten track, watching wild bears, wolves in their habitat, following the path of the Dracula and the vampires legend in Transylvania, or willing to explore small, isolated Sekler, Saxon, Romanian villages where life is like it was 500 years ago?

Maybe medieval fortresses, or monasteries, fortified Churches are your interest? Interacting with locals, experiencing ( not just watching) their culture, tasting their food and drinks, all in places not spoiled by tourism?

If yes, I could be an interesting option for your plans!

Beside leading tours in Romania, Hungary, Moldavia, Bulgaria, I gained experience traveling around the world in countries like Kenya, Tanzania, Morocco, Myanmar, Laos, China, Indonesia,Malaysia, Vietnam,Cambodia, Russia, Ukraine, Guatemala ,Mexico, Philippines, Seychelles etc.

I studied behavioral and cultural differences between different nations by extended living with Masai warriors in Africa, Headhunters in Borneo, or Mayans in Guatemala.

I can deal with logistical challenges, and unforeseen medical emergencies of the tours, skills gained by organizing expeditions on the top of the highest mountains of different continents like Kilimanjaro in Africa, Elbrus in Russia, Mont Blanc, volcanos like Rinjani/Indonesia, or the thickest jungles of Borneo.

What I offer? An experience for your senses seeing the wonders of Romania can offer, touching everything, tasting the food and drinks, hearing the locals voice, listening their music or songs.

Why you should choose me?

At this point, you may already know, that the most interesting places to visit in Romania are located in the historical part of the country called Transilvania. You may also know, Transylvania was part of the Hungarian empire, or later of the Austrian-Hungarian empire for more or less 1000 years, and 80-90% of the existing cultural-historical heritage is connected with the Hungarian, Saxon, Szekler culture, in addition to the Romanian .

Since you are reading this, chances are that you are a traveler and not just a tourist. You deserve a better and deeper understanding of the country, historical sites, and more importantly of our culture, better than what wikipedia recited by some.

Who could assist you better during your visit, than someone who's ancestors were active part of Transilvania's history, who was born as a member of the Hungarian/Szekler community, with Saxon neighbors , native speaker of hungarian?

Looking forward to meet you!

Языки English, Hungarian, Romanian
Валюты Доллар США (USD), Евро (EUR), Новый румынский лей (RON)



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