Thierry Houba - гид в странах Бельгия, Франция

My name is Thierry, Belgian, born back in 1952.

I lived in Bruges up to when it was time for me to go to university in Antwerp.

After my Degree in Applied Economy, I left for a few years for Africa.

Back from Africa, I lived in Brussels but worked in Antwerp, with lots of missions abroad.

I left the international Company I was working for since 13 years, for a pilot's seat in a private jets Company for another number of years.

That's the time when I travelled the world even more extensively.

I finally settled in Dinant, now more than 20 years ago, and founded Scenic Tours in 2004.

I am an official guide, recognized by the Wallonia Tourism Authority, guiding in English, French and Dutch.

It's only when you leave a place that you realize how beautiful this place actually was.

Everybody knows (or at least heard of) Brussels and northern Belgium (Bruges, Ghent, Antwerp, ...), called Flanders.

These are indeed fabulous places to visit.

But how many of you ever heard of the many treasures in southern Belgium, called Wallonia ?

Come and discover these unknown places.

Let me take your hand, and be your guide.

Tell me your interests and I will arrange it.

Just for you.

Языки Dutch, English, French
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