Dmitry Doronin - местный частный тур гид в странах Россия, Армения

Hi everybody!

My name is Dmitry Doronin and I’m very friendly, open-minded person with nice smile and good sense of humor :-) I have travelled a lot to different places of the world, and now I will be happy to be your guide through the culture, traditions, history, cuisine and wonderful places of my country! Just book one of my tours and you will get to the most beautiful places and learn the most interesting stories with the most positive and friendly guide :-)

4 REASONS why my tours are MUCH BETTER than standard touristic programs:


We live and breathe with love of travelling (you can check it on our blog! Sometimes we are handling tours together with my wife Ilaria just because we like it! It doesn’t influence for the price or volume of information, but in this case we can provide you more care and communication and can have more fun together :-) When we travel, we prefer to have full immersion in the culture. We find all possible interesting places, communicate with people, learn about their culture, history, food, etc. I’m sure that this is the most amazing and exciting way of travelling. And we want you to try this full immersion into our culture and to get most colorful and memorable emotions when we meet together. We want you to get a spark in your eyes and warm memories in your hearts to fall in love with our culture, our country and our city!


We think that memories are not only about places you visit, it is also about people you meet and friends you get! And we will try to become your friends and to help you to take maximum information and emotions with you, even if it is just a short tour for 3-4 hours. And who knows, maybe next time you will come here again, not only as tourists, but as our friends ;-)

During multi-day tours we try to mix walking around the sights with different active entertainments where it is possible. It can be snowball fighting, horseback riding, playing active games, visiting workshops or using unusual types of transport. I’m sure that small portion of active fun with a company of good people had never harmed to anyone :-)


If you want to add or skip something from the program, or you want me to build customized tour that includes any specific places you want to visit, we can easily do it – just let me know! You are the boss and you decide :-) As for transport, we can use my comfortable Nissan X-trail (or I will provide a minibus if the group is big) or we can use public transport if it will be faster or more interesting. If you have very limited time, we will do our best to show and to tell you maximum of possible things. But if you are not in hurry, we can forget about it :-) We can spend more time together if you still have questions or want to see some extra things, or even have a dinner together after the tour talking about various interesting topics. We are free to take our own decisions :-)


We carefully inspect all places ourselves before offering to you, so we really know positions where you can get best photos of the places we visit ;-) Also, if you have only mobile phone with you, just keep enjoying the tour and leave me all technical things, because after the tour you will get all original and some post processed photos from our Canon 550D after the tour ;-) It is not the best camera in the world, but we are fully satisfied with it! In addition, we have a GoPro camera which we can use to make a short movie about your adventure during our multi-day tours!

And remember, that God has created our world so incredibly beautiful just for us to have opportunity to travel and admire His creation! So, what are you waiting for? Just book one of your best travel experiences right now and let’s have fun together ;-)

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