Kaleb Kidane - гид в странах Эфиопия, Джибути

My name is Kaleb Teklu Kidane. I was born and raised in Addis Ababa. I’m working for the last seven years as English and French tour guide to different part of Ethiopia, after graduating from catering and Tourism Training Institute. I’m working as a freelance tour guide with Domestic and International travel agencies.

Why I joined this industry was, when I joined Addis Ababa University, at the age of 16, it was another world to me. Because the religion, language, culture and ways of life of the other student was totally different for me. So I was always eager to know about my follow student. But that was not enough, so I with draw from the university and read about the country’s history, culture, religion, socio economics and other stuffs. Knowing about my country initiates me to travel, so I took again the national examination and graduated scoring all A, with great distinction. After that it was easy to join Catering and Tourism Training Institute but also to get a job on my second year as a trainee. When I was on my third year, I already a permanent l tour guide.

My specialties are,

I’m flexible and proactive.

I have good presentation skills.

I’m enthusiastic and friendly.

I have good verbal communication skills.

I’m able to interact with people from different backgrounds.

I have multiple language skills.

I’m able to work with a team. I have good and friendly relationship with host community and Hoteliers.

I have time management skills.

I’m able to retain historical facts.

I have excellent knowledge about points of interest in specific cities.

In General, as my previous clients said, you discuss anything on Ethiopia and international issue with me and I can I address any specific demand.

Tour guide interests:

Addis Ababa sightseeing tours

Excursion around Addis Ababa

Historic Route in the North

Cultural Tours


To Danakil depression


Языки Afar, Amharic, English, French, Oromo, Tigrinya
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