Svet Capitaltourskiev - гид в стране Украина

Dear friends!

I will be so happy to welcome you in Kyiv soon!

please drop me a message and we will talk about all the details.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Best regards


Welcome to Kiev, dear friends! I've been in the business more than 10 years, and I know how to deliver the coolest ever imaginable private tour and transfer service in and around Kiev for you. Don't hesitate, I proudly present you the best we obtain!

I love this city, all love this city, you shall love this city! Affordable night life, nicest girls on the planet Earth, which all, all, all places abound with (bet you've heard those rumors afloat - yes, it is absolute truth -), natural tasty food, 1000yo cave monastery, Chernobyl and World War II memorials, crazy steep hills and lively parks over the massively wide Dnipro river, 1600 years of history behind! and today ($0,3 for a beer, $0,15 for a subway ride, $3 for a complete dinner -huuuush)! - we don't want em all to know that), friendly people, secure and proud city of Kiev will unveil its charm with my invaluable and impeccable assistance!

I can organize everything you want! It depends on your desire

Языки English, French, German, Russian, Ukrainian
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Chris Cabezas
08:33 19 МАЙ 2018
Svet is very smart, positive, and knows absolutely everything about his country! First I ordered an overview tour of Kiev, but it was so cool that the tour stretched for the whole day!
We also visited Uman and the missile museum on the way to Odessa, and I'm incredibly happy that I ordered the entire package of services from this guide, because everything exceeded my expectations. The service was at the highest level and I fell in love with Ukraine, thanks in part to Svet. He is undoubtedly one of the best, and even the best guide in Kiev.
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