Dave Mendez - местный частный тур гид в стране Сальвадор

I am an outgoing guy who likes to meet people from around the world.

I would like to become your tour guide but not only that, but also I would like you to get in love with my city, with the beautiful landscapes we have, our gorgeous beaches, explore and climb our challenging volcanoes, feel welcomed by our friendly people, enjoy the taste of our " pupusas" Salvadoran national dish, I would like you to feel that a friend of yours is showing you the beauties of this region.

I have been preparing for this privilege for 2 years already, climbing volcanoes, visiting colonial towns, swimming in different lakes so I can be prepared for this new task. I do have the experience already, for the last 6 months I have already shown hundreds of tourists my hometown, my beautiful El Salvador, my name is even on trip advisor as one of the best tour guides in my country. Do you want to know how true that is? Try and you won't regret. See you soon.

Языки Английский, Spanish
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