Olga Tara - гид в стране Украина

With a good guide, you will learn and see things that you would never find in a book or online"

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Языки English, Russian, Ukrainian
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Franck Petit
14:11 12 ОКТ 2018
Olga is an excellent guide. The best in Kiev. I had a great tour with her. flexible, clever...
Mike Wilson
14:22 22 ОКТ 2018
It was our first time in Kiev. And we had the most remarkable tour with Olga. Not only everything was perfect, but we felt, in every instance, that our guide truly cared about us, and did her best to make this trip memorable. We got a lot of unforgettable impressions, new expirience, we learned many interesting facts about the country, and most importantly - we enjoyed the positive energy that this girl shared.. . We definitely will be back!
Mike Wilson, USA
Karlos Jacob
20:44 20 МАР 2019
Everything was fast ,organized and ,what important, very exciting. Enjoyed the time spent with this beautiful lady.
For sure will be back ones again and have one more beautiful day with her .
Bertoldas Cepulis
14:31 25 ИЮН 2019
Many thanks to Olga for an excinting and eventful journey. She won us over from the first minutes with her responsiveness, care, sense of humor and positivity. Ukraine is an extraordinary country. Olga made our journey even more memorable. Threre are many wonderful impressions and pleasant emotions. Of course I want to come back again. Highly recommend.
Kit Wong
21:43 25 ИЮН 2019
We had a perfect time with her. We only had 5 hours and we already saw a lot of things in Kiev. Great for walking exercise as well. Thank you for taking a lot of photos with us. These will be perfect memory for us in life.
Gregory Bezdidko
08:04 28 ИЮН 2019
It was really amazing time!!!
Olga is a perfect guide!!
I will recommended her to all my friends!!!
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